A little hint for 'dressing up' your B bags....

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  1. I 'discovered' today that popping on an earring onto your B bag really dresses them up, plus they're really interchangable since they just hook on.

    I actually got the original idea from Deana's home-made braids, which she attaches using an earring clasp as well. But since I'm NOT creative at all, I'm happy with second best and hooking on my earrings instead :P

    Anyway, just thought I'd share! Maybe most of you ladies already do this and I'm just late to the party.. but if you don't already, this is a fun way to dress up your bags :smile:


    (on my Seafoam First)

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  2. [​IMG]
  3. Cool idea! I have a few earrings that I don't wear anymore but would look great on my Bbags. :nuts:
  4. Wow! Looks great, and the colors complement the Seafoam beautifully!
  5. Great idea! Looks fantastic!
  6. Neat idea - now must look for nice earrings...
  7. Great idea. I need to play dressup with my bags. Beverly there are no words to describe that seafoam. It is breathtaking and it looks brand new! :love:
  8. ^^
    ITA with powderpuff! The earrings look great but that seafoam.. wow! I've seen other pictures and on ebay and stuff and never understood what the big deal was with seafoam.. but after seeing your picture I now know why!!! GORGEOUS!!

    Great idea Beverly!
  9. The bag and the charm look great!!! Thanks for showing us.
  10. beverly, that's sooo cute....
  11. that looks great
  12. Ditto!!!
  13. :nuts: GREAT IDEA Beverly :yahoo: !!! Thank you so much for sharing :love:
  14. It looks really nice!!
  15. :yahoo: That's the spirit!!! I love seeing gals making their bags uniquely special! And she told me she was creatively defficient!!! It looks great! I also prefer how the charm or accessory looks in the middle of the zipper pull, as opposed to on the bag's handles! Great job Bev!!!