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  1. I am in desprete need of some advice, I need a new everyday bag for uni, I was using my LV Globe Shopper but it has sadly the back of it has been covered in dye after rubbing on black skinnies! Has anyone any ideas for a bag, similar in style, perhaps a shopper or a tote? I'm lost! And in the meantime, any ideas of how to get black dye out of beige canvas :crybaby:

    AFP x
  2. I'm sorry to hear about your bag - I'm not sure there is much you can do about removing dye from canvas but if you do a forum search you may come up with something. You may also want to consider sending it in to a professional like lovingmybags (www.lovingmybags.com)

    As for bag options, I think there are quite a lot - it really depends on price range, material, type of handles, etc. If you are interested in another canvas bag and don't mind monogram, there is always LV Mono (batignolles, neverful, cabas mezzo, etc) as well as LV Damier Ebene.
    My current new favorite tote in a similar shape to the Globe Shopper but made of leather is Belen Echandia's Love Me (there is a large "regular" size and there is a smaller "Midi" size). I ordered one in black pebbled leather with gold hardware but there are lots of leathers and colors to choose from. You can check out the BE forum here or www.belenechandia.com,
    Anya Hindmarch also makes some great shoppers that may fit your requirements.
    She makes a pretty canvas one as well but I can't find it on the website at the moment.