A little help?


Which should I go for?

  1. Courier - Ink

  2. Courier - Emerald

  3. Day/Hobo (any colour)

  4. Other (please state)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Some of this may be a repeat, so bear with me. I've set myself a few challenges before I aquire a new b-bag - mostly to do with school and studying - and I fully intend to meet them. Now I need your help deciding which b-bag to get.

    I'm looking to use it, initially, for a trip I'm taking to the US in July, so it needs to be comfortable to carry, and reasonably spacious. I have a couple of things in mind, but any suggestions are welcome.

    I'll (try to) add a poll to make it easier to vote, but this is what I'm thinking:

    Courier in Ink or Emerald

    Day/Hobo in any colour. My problem with this is that I actually prefer this style in brighter colours, so either I'd have to look for a used one, or suck it up and buy new in a colour that's more recent.

    I'm open to all suggestions - I'm pretty new to the wonderful world of Balenciaga, so any advice would be welcomed.

    Thanks guys!:flowers:
  2. What about the Shopping? It is larger, can fit over your shoulder, and I think it is available in Calcaire, Ice Blue, and Rouge from Bal NY (that is according to Tori's post) The style would look great in any of the above colors. It might be something a little different, and I think the Shopping style is great-not as flat as the Purse.
  3. I have a Shopping, several City bags, a Day and a Courier. The Courier I purchased for traveling but I have been using it around town. The Shopping is fab, but there is no zipper. The Courier can be carried as a regular shoulder bag or a messenger but still has the easy slouch. LOVE IT! Obviously I voted for a Courier but whether you purchase the Ink or Emerald is up to you.
  4. ^^Oh, I know - I just happen to like each colour equally, so I'm desperate for outside input. ;) Thanks for voting tho' :biggrin:

    I never thought of the Shopping. Its a nice bag, and a good size, but that open top worries me a bit. Especially since I'll be travelling on my own - I don't want to make it even easier for people to nick my stuff. ;) Thanks for the suggestion tho!
  5. Between the two colours I would definately choose Ink.
    I don't really like courrier, I like much more the city or if you want bigger, the work size. I just got a white work and I love it!! It's very spacious, you can put so much stuff in it, it's easy to carry and it looks great too!
  6. The Emerald sounds divine.
  7. *bump*
  8. I saw a black & white striped Day bag at NM in White Plains, NY last night. It was really pretty!
  9. I love love LOVE the Day :love: For some reason, especially the gray one :P But if you want to get the Courier, get the emerald, it's a gorgeous colour :heart:
  10. I voted for the Day. And I agree, this bag looks more fun in the brighter colours.
  11. I voted for the courier in ink over emerald. I think ink is a more versatile color, however, if you were going to go for a brighter courier, in like rouille or something brilliant, I would definitely vote for it. While I love the ink, it's definitely subdued. Sometimes, I think b-bags look the best in those terrific bright colors.
  12. i would go for the courier just for the fact its a bit bigger than the day and i'd probably go for INK... i'm really loving this colour at the moment! :amuse:
  13. Oh Lord - both couriers and the day have 7 votes each!:noggin: Eeeep! Someone vote again and tip the score! :roflmfao:
  14. ^^ LOL I had a feeling it was going to be a tight poll!!! Both ink and emerald are gorgeous!!! Though since you own a TDF apple green city, I'll vote for INK. I have yet to see the courier IRL though, from its dimensions it sounds like it's HUGE!!! My vote goes for the Day/Hobo, unless you plan to use the bag for travelling (and if you do a lot of travelling)
  15. I really love both the day and the courrier- I can see why this is such a tough choice! I would get the courier. Since it is such a big bag then it would be prefect for travel- you could even sling it across your body. I would definitely use it as a regular everyday bag too. I never saw the courrier in the emerald green- I saw it in the cornflower and absolutely loved it! I hope to get one in the near future!!! So- my vote would be for the Courrier and I would choose the ink color.