a little help pls ????

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  1. I am wondering if anyone can help me with this. I am expecting a bean wallet from my SA and she noticed that there is a crack along the stich where the guesset is and ask if I mind it.

    Can someone tell me if this happend to their bean too or if its normal? I am sure Hermes will take care of it if it becomes a big problem right? ie. the cracks becomes bigger and it rips the wallet.

    I am wondering if this happens to chever normaly bc I had a chevre bean (this one I return bc there were a lot and on the outside) that had cracks along the stiches on the outside of the wallet too.

    blue bean- crack where the guesset join the wallet

    old red bean- crack on the stiches where it folds

    My pic are not very good but the craks are where the leather color is a bit lighter or white.

    thanks for the help

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  2. I have noticed that this happens alot with chevre wallets.


    Yes, it would bother me.
  3. ^^^ Just my luck with chever wallet. I haven't been able to find a good one yet.
  4. At Hermes prices I would not accept anything that is already defective. Good luck. You deserve perfection.
  5. Just looking at the pictures bothered me. I can't imagine buying a defective wallet. I'd sit back and wait till the perfect one comes along.
  6. Do not buy this. It is not acceptable .
  7. I agree. These items are too costly to accept a defect that could affect its longevity.
  8. If you are going to buy it, I suggest you definitely ask for a discount. I saw lots of small leather items in Paris sale with small imperfections that probably cropped up "in-store" such as scratches, etc., so if you are prepared to purchase, you should be getting it at sale price. If you're still considering it, I would also directly inquire about whether or not they will conduct repairs or replace the item if the problem worsens. If you are made aware of the defect before purchase, it may affect your consumer rights regards after sale service. Good luck! :smile:
  9. Technically the SA should not be offering you an item for sale with a known issue--I have seen items be promptly taken away deemed not suitable for sale when a tiny scuff is noticed; I would definitely follow the advice given and refrain from purchasing.
  10. I wouldn't buy this wallet with the defect. I'm really surprised that your SA would even think that you'd want to spend so much money on something that was already ripping. You deserve better. Wait for another one that's perfect.
  11. #11 Aug 9, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2008
    Thank you for all the advice. I was going to bare with it since this is the last one in this color and specs ava in the U.S but after seeing all the comments I think I should wait.

    Speaking of the blue one. I just didn't know if it's bc the stiches along the guesset is pulled too tight to cause the crack and if it's normal in that area bc of the guesset. I know the red one was unexcptable and I have returned that one.
  12. Good for you. Hold out for one in a better condition.