A little help, please?

  1. Well, I am ready to branch out into damier and I can't decide between the ribera mini and the brera. I'm leaning towards the ribera. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    PS I also like the ribera mm and the duomo...and the marais...and the sarria miniand the triana...and the oh somebody stop me!!
  2. ughhh....lol....I like the Marais....
  3. I love the duomo!
  4. i like the ribera mini... it's super cute.
  5. I'm SO happy with my Saleya PM :smile:
  6. I love(d) the Duomo, but you should make sure you definately love the size.. I ordered it and found it to make me look like I was carrying a suitcase. Kinda broke my heart when I sent it back. Have you gone to see them IRL? I love the Ribera mini (although I have yet to own it.. it's on my list)
  7. Hmmm.....ribera or duomo. Both are hot!
  8. A great decision no matter what you get. My vote is for the duomo!
  9. I haven't seen any of them IRL, just on elux and in the catalogue. I know the duomo will be too big, I just like it. But I think you're right, I need to haul my lazy butt to the LV store and check 'em all out in person. Which could be verrrrry dangerous.
  10. LOL!! yes, extremely dangerous. :angel: :sweatdrop:
    But the Duomo is extremely beautiful (in my opinion). Had it been just a wee bit smaller I would have definately kept it! The structure, the lines... :drool:
    GAH! Must Stop!! :noggin:
  11. i like the damier ribera mini... gorgeous!
  12. Duomo!!!
  13. i like the Duomo best :love:
  14. I love my Saleya...and I saw a Ribera IRL for the first time yesterday - wow! Have fun choosing!
  15. Duomo, Brera, and Saleya vote here!!!!
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