A little help please?

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  1. Hello ladies,
    I have recently put up a stella (among some other items) for sale or trade on the market place, and (I think) because of the way I took the picture of the bag the authenticy of it is in question. One of the mods has asked me to post it in the seller watch forum to get input from our members and has temporarily closed my thread on the market place.
    While I have no doubt that my bag is authentic, I didn't purchase it at the boutique myself (I bought from a VERY trustworthy friend) and would like to get this issue resolved as fast as I can. I didn't know that I could be so disturbed by this, but the thought of someone doubting my credibility on this forum (and thinking that I may have a fake bag) just really bothers me. So all of you Marc Jacobs experts here, can you please help me out? I have pictures posted on the seller watch forum.
    Thank you so much!!!
  2. Sorry this has happened. I am sure it will be resolved promptly. Will help if i can.
  3. I saw your thread and was surprised about it being closed too! I think if you just took some sharper pics you would be ok. See if you can get some closeups of the hardware (zipper, pushlock, nameplate inside) and the leather to show its texture. Then people can get a better look at your lovely bag :smile:
  4. Thank you for all your help! (and for those of you who PMed me with suggestions thanks also!!!) I have posted additional pictures on the seller watch forum, so please take a look and tell me if I should do something more.
  5. The second group of pictures helped! And if you can get an even closer pic of the zipper tag that shows "Marc Jacobs" more clearly, even better. But I think its legit! I am sure more ladies will post and concur!
  6. Thank you! I just took another picture of the zipper tag, and think it shows a little bit better than the first. I'm posting it right now! Thanks so much for your help!