A little help please on color????

  1. Can anyone tell me the difference between Gris Touterelle and Etoupe? I havent been able to make it down to H so I can see the swatch book so I'm relying on pics from the PC. I cant really tell the difference:confused1:. Which one has a brown undertone? I noticed on the leather/color reference section Etoupe is listed in Browns. Is it a brown or a grey? (this info is going to be used to SO a certain little something for me :graucho:).

    Thanks for any help ladies (and gents).
  2. Etoupe has the brown undertone: it's a taupe. Gris tourterelle is pale dove grey and is much lighter than etoupe.
  3. Thanks Gina! Have you seen Etoupe in a JPG Birkin?
  4. there should be a picture of Victoria B. with an etoupe JPG in the Stars and Hermes thread.....
  5. I absolutely agree...
    Étoupe seems to change its tone depending on the light.
    Naturally seen,
    it's actually brown!

    'Étoupe' is a kind of hemp strand which is light brown and which for example was originally used at the end of the conclave when a new pope has been elected to produce the white smoke soaring from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. ;)

    Correct me if I am wrong,
    but I believe the english expression for étoupe is 'Oakum', isn't it?
  6. Why hello there missy! Hope your treating that TDF Croc Kelly well:p.

    Oooh VB has this JPG Birkin!?! I have to see this pic. OK off to check it out :sweatdrop:.
  7. LOL Pazt! We think alike! I love Etoupe! I was thinking last week that I needed something "greyish but not quite grey". Hopefully I can either SO a JPG Birkin or find one already in stock:yes:. Poor DH, he will be sooo broke :push:.
  8. here's VB JPG etoupe :

  9. Thanks for the info Tenshi. I do believe that Etoupe is the color that I am looking for. I want something grey, but not quite grey. So Etoupe would be perfect!
  10. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Thats it!!! OMG its soo gorgeous! Pazt your a sooo bad, such the enabler:p. OK now I'm on the quest to find this JPG (or SO it).
  11. ...it's meant for you, princess:yes:
    It's an incredibly versatile color, you're gonna love it!
  12. Tenshi, the only use of 'oakum' I remember seeing is in relation to ships and shipping:

    There's also a bit more info here
  13. and here's tPFer Bababebi's kelly gris t :

  14. Your too sweet, thank you:heart:

    Ahh now I must call my SA and bug her about this lovely bag. Hopefully I'll be able to find one soon:sad:.