a little help please ladies

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  1. i posted a thread in the handbags and purses forum a few days ago about getting a bag for my 21st.
    heres the thread
    [​IMG] i need a classic and elegant bag. HELP!

    after some other suggestions iv decided i want either a cerf tote or a classic flap.
    i just need some input from you all. iv never used anything but LV before. which of the two do you think would be most practical and what colours would you suggest?

    i graduate in may and will be going straight into working in museums so i dont want anything to flashy colour wise and it needs to something that wont date quickly.
    and iv got around £1000 to spend

    thank you ladies.
  2. I think a black Caviar Classic Jumbo in silver hardware or a black cerf tote will be equally great ....
  3. Check out our Reference Library, in the Classic pieces thread I'd suggest a a black caviar Classic Flap or a PST.
  4. If you don't carry too much and you don't need immediate access while carrying the purse, I'd go for a classic flap- you'll have it forever and it's one of those must have essentials that can go with anything. However, I prefer my work bags to be bigger and give me easy access to my stuff, so I'd go with the cerf tote. That's just my opinion but I don't think you can go wrong with any Chanel piece you pick!
  5. I would go with a black jumbo or medium/large. Lambskin for evening use or caviar for daily use! :heart:
  6. definitly a flap!
  7. what colours does the cerf tote come in? also i there only one size.

    sorry for sounding naive, im new to chanel.
  8. I love the flaps but I am going to say go for the cerf...
  9. 2 sizes, right now I have only seen it in black and beige
  10. Im not a cerf lover, so its a big vote for a classic flap from me.

  11. also comes in chocolate brown with the MM lock.
  12. Do you live near a boutique to try a few on?
  13. There will be a white cerf tote for spring. Although I like the Flap better, I think the Cerf will be better for you just because it looks more like a work bag than the flap...
  14. no live miles from any designer stores. ill be going down to london to get it.
  15. I'd recommend a black caviar leather flap bag (jumbo size) but only if you need to carry quite a number of things in your hand bag. Are you thinking that you'll need to carry any work files or even a small laptop back and forth from work? If so, then a tote bag might be better suited to your needs but I don't know if there are any Chanel tote styles available for carrying those two items.