A Little Help needed..

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  1. Hi Ladies. Ive been looking thru the reference library but im still indecisive abt wat size suits me more. I need more visual help. Pls.. :smile:
    30 is a nice size for my needs, but 35 looks more chic IMO.
    Im 1.62m , ard 49kg. 24yrs old if it matters. And i koe i want it in Blue Jeans.
  2. it will really dpend on you what kind of bags you normally carry. if you like big bag than 35cm. would be great. if you don't like the weight the 30cm. would be best.
  3. You are quite petite so I would suggest 30cm but it all depends on portions.
  4. This is such a personal style issue -- You should try both sizes on before you decide, if possible. Many smaller women rock the big bags. Some tall women prefer smaller bags.
  5. I'm 5'1" (I have no idea how many meters that is, but not many LOL) and I rock the 35s. I feel that the 30 is too small on me, in almost all cases except with very bright colors.

    So, it really depends on you--the way you carry yourself, whether you like bags to be in or out of proportion to your body, how much stuff you carry (I carry a lot), and of course the color, hardware and most importantly availability of the bag you want!!

    I definitely recommend trying on both sizes if at all possible. You will know if a bag is too big or too small for you right away, at least I do.

    Good luck!
  6. IMO, seeing them side by side a 30cm looks more like a handbag while a 35cm looks more like a tote. Both are nice.