a little help needed [guy in trouble :]

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  1. Hey you all LV-lovers!
    I am going to purchase my very first authentic LV-bag.
    I have some good quality fakes, made of imitation leather, since I really don't like using real leather on bags..
    I'm a vegan, yeah..

    But now thinking about it, i've come to the conclusion that its ok to buy secondhand, vintage stuff, even if it was made of animal substances..
    Again these are my own opinions and please don't attack against me because of this...

    So, I am going to buy an LV.
    I am a student, so I can't buy a kalahari..
    But I thought about a Petit Noe, or some other bag..
    Secondhand of course :]

    And my problem/question is this:
    I am 1.8 meters tall. Will it look really silly on me, a petit noe?
    I'm quite slim though, so I would look a bit feminine.. :]
    Or what do you think?

  2. Well, I think it all comes down to what you feel good with... Personally I don't like the Petit Noe in a guy (unless is ment to carry bottles :P) but if you can rock it, then go for it ;)
    Also have you contemplated another options like a messenger (or even a Speedy)? It might look better on you considering you are tall...
    Let us know what you decide ;)
  3. well, i have a petit noe and i am a boy, well....kind of. lol... i'm 5'6" but with heels im about 5'9"(not sure what that is in meters.)
  4. i just did the conversion.... you're about the same height as me in heels. if i were you, id opt for the larger noe. i think it will suit your frame better
  5. Definitely the larger!
  6. I think a large Noe would be perfect!
  7. I think the Beaubourg would be great for you and not much leather at all. I do not know you nor will I make judgements but if you are a male in regular men's clothing than a petite Noe will look foolish IMO. It is too small. Now do you want a purse/handbag look or a tote messenger bag look?
  8. awesome that you're vegan and choosing to get a lv! i think it would be best for you to get the noe instead of the petite noe. big bags look better on taller people. :]
  9. I agree about the Beaubourg. I got mine recently and love it. The Beaubourg has very little leather. If not the Beaubourg, then I'd say the larger Noe.
  10. What about an preloved Epi Noe? I also love guys in speedies.
  11. i like the idea that Lv-nowwhat has for you. A Beaubourg would be very handy :smile:
  12. If you like the shape of the Noe, the larger one would probably work better for you ! :yes:
  13. I would go for the larger Noe, as well. Have you looked at a 35 or 40 Speedy?

    Btw, the monogram canvas is just that -- canvas -- and not leather. The trim on the bags is leather, though.
  14. hmmm.. i say no to noe @ all...i think noe is waaay 2 fem for a dude sorry....anywho i suggest a messenger....
  15. i think the beaubourg is a good choice as well and it's great for a student or any excursion