A little help ladies...what's the actual retail price of this pearls necklace?Thanx!!

  1. How much does it retail??:smile: Thanx a lot for your help! :flowers::flowers:
  2. It's $725 (before the price increase).
  3. Got mine for $725 plus tax and free shipping from Nordstom MOA.
  4. Thank you all ladies!
  5. ya it was 695 a year ago, now 725, and who knows iwth price increase. Its usually a little harder to locate, but just call an SA and they'll be great at finding it for you. I paid $800 for mine last year on eBay beause I really wanted it and it had just came out.
  6. It seems to me like Chanel has price increases everytime they release new stock (same design).

    My Saks SA said the necklace was essentially sold out at Saks at $725. They got a new shipment and now I'm being quoted $795. Yikes!

    I really like it so I might as well bite the bullet because it's only going up from here.
  7. its 795 now.
  8. mine were $695 last year...I love 'em though
    I double them and then add a plain strand of pearls for a 3 string look

  9. Gorgeous!:tup::heart: Thank you ladies for all your responses!:p
  10. Anyone know the current retail price as of Feb. 28, 2008? Thanks!
  11. It was 515 euros in France as of January... I'm guessing it's only a bit more (or maybe same price) in Italy.
  12. BTW, those pearls are not hard to locate at all in Paris while I'm not sure of Chanel stocks in Italy. (I would think it's similar there as well, since whenever I was in Italy, they always had whatever I wanted at the moment) If it does turn out to be difficult to get one in Italy, I suggest calling Parisian boutiques. They always had plenty in stock, in both gold and silver.
  13. Do you or anyone know what the US price is?
  14. I think it's still $795.00?