A little help for the new girl, pretty please!

  1. I've been lurking for a while, and just decided to get it over with and ask for assistance. You all seem really helpful and knowledgable, and I'm deeply conflicted. Here's the deal:

    I don't presently own a Hermes bag, but I want one so bad that my DH? (darling husband, I assume) says I'm moaning about someone named Kelly in my sleep. (I prefer the look of the Kelly to the Birkin).

    The first and biggest problem is that I don't think the DH will be amused by the price point. In fact, I'm pretty sure he'll look at me like I have 6 heads or something if I tell him I want to pay more than about $1000 for a handbag. (He's gotten used to - but not truly comforatble with - that number due to my previous LV and Burberry purchases). In the past I would have just lied to him, and told him it was only $1000, and slept just fine at night. I can't and won't do that now, though.

    As an alternative to jumping in, damn the consequences, I'm thinking that an ok place to start would be a wallet or even a Garden Bag. I do think the garden bags are really cute. But maybe there's something else that I'm not familiar with that I could satisfy my Hermes craving with?
    My birthday is next month :happydance:and I ordered a cute pink twilly, and that adorable hippo lock from the Hermes site for my girls to gift me with. (I'm SOO sly:ninja:smile: I think I'm hoping to satisfy the beast in a small way with those items.

    The second problem is my track record on these types of issues. It's worrisome to me that I have a seriously dangerous Kelly obsession brewing here, and I'm afraid - very afraid - that I'm going to get tired of waiting and do something crazy. I'm not at all good at restraint. :push:

    So... bottom line:
    Should I settle for something that I'd like, but not actually LOVE? Or should I hold out for a Kelly? It means waiting, possibly for a year or more, but the wait may end up being worth it. Character building, if you will.

    What would you do in my situation?

  2. here's my best advice. you're going to have to pony up closer to $2000, but start with a vintage kelly in good shape. keep it for a couple months and then list it on eBay so that after you pay all your fees you make a little money. "but honey -- what's the problem? i made money on the one i sold -- isn't that better than buying all those bags that cost less but i can't re-sell?"

    i find a little benign manipulation helps keep the marriage a happy one.

  3. remediva, welcome!!!

    DQ's advice is great!

    But, here's an alternate thought.....if it's a new Kelly you want, you might not be satisfied ( at first anyway ) with anything else. If you're not really specific.....( exact leather, exact color, hardware, etc) you might be able to find a Kelly relatively quickly if you know where to look....and keep an open mind. Say, togo or clemence leather, gold or pall h/w, ( give yourself options ) Occasionally the boutiques, at any given time, will have one or two Kellys on the shelf.

    Check out the Hermes Shopping Store inventory thread/listing.....

    If you are selective, then you might have to wait. But....that could be a good thing. Placing an order and awaiting your exact Kelly could have the advantage of your knowing it WILL arrive.....and by that time, you could have stashed away enough to pay for it easily.

    If you want a Garden Party, then by all means! But, if you want a Kelly....buy a Kelly.
  4. good advice, go vintage. you can get a great deal and they are worth every penny. trim bags are also very nice and very affordable!
  5. Remediva -- I'm in almost exactly the same situation. DH is finally used to my handbag obsession (when we met I was only into shoes, which have been my thing since I was 4 :lol:) but there's a big difference between $1200 and $7800! Even though there is money in the bank, it's more of a mental hurdle for him so I'm trying to ease him into it. I did bring it up at dinner the other night and the conversation ended with him yelling "Seven thousand dollars?!?" in a crowded (but thankfully loud) restaurant.

    I prefer Birkins to Kelllys, so if I were going to buy a brand new bag, I would save up for a Birkin.

    I have begun this week small, very small. I bought a Kelly Double Tour Barenia bracelet :love:. I would like to continue purchasing small items from the store so I can build a relationship with an SA for when I eventually do want to buy something bigger. I'm going to get a tie for DH and maybe some perfume and then a scarf or two.

    But I also think that my first bag will probably be a vintage retourne Kelly 35 or 32 because I do want something sooner than a year or two. I have considered starting with a brand new non-Birkin or Kelly, like Evelyne or Picotin or Trim. But they're still $2000+ and that's money I'd rather put towards a Birkin.

    So let us know what you decide to do! I'm glad someone here is in the same boat as I am :flowers:
  6. Thanks, DQ and Isis, and abbyroad and HC for the speedy responses!

    Yeah... about that. I'm so enamored right now I don't even have a real preference. My immediate answer is ORANGE!, but I think that's just because I've got orange boxes floating around like stars in my head. Everything I look at is amazing - I want them all.

    I guess making that decision would be a good place to start.
  7. I totally just laughed out loud at work! :lol:

    I get what you mean about spending $2k on something small when it could go towards what you really want. I just need to keep telling myself that.

  8. I agree with DQ, it's worth looking at the vintage Kelly option, they have a particular charm that's undeniable.
  9. :woohoo:Welcome to the Orange Side!
    Have to warn you, this can become an obsession! I received my first Hermes item as a gift in 1986, and though I couldn't afford to buy another item for over ten years afterward, I always lusted in my heart!

    In addition to the very sensible advice you have been given already, I have another possible option. What about selling some of the bags you already own, to help defray the cost of a Kelly?

    About availability: In my neck of the woods, anyway, Kelly bags are nearly always just sitting out (or readily available if you ask) in Hermes boutiques. So, the good news is, it's not necessarily a matter of being super hard to find like a Birkin. The bad news is that new Kellys at Hermes cost about $5K USD.

    I wholeheartedly agree with the advice to get a Kelly if you want a Kelly. You can always buy a Garden Party later on if you feel the need, but in my opinion it may not truly satisfy you like getting what you *truly* wanted. Garden Party bags are also not inexpensive, I think the most affordable one is around $1375? To me, that's a decent percentage of the money that could be put toward what you really really want. I say save up for it :smile:
    Good luck!! Can't wait to see your "unveiling" photos one day when you get your dream bag!

    edited....it's a good idea to get a general feeling for the color and leather you want, hardware color, size, etc., but one thing I have learned about Hermes is that it always pays to keep an open mind and look at ANYTHING you're offered in a boutique! Sometimes the very color, or size, that you felt was wrong for you ends up being The One. Also, the more specific you end up being with your requirements for a bag, the longer the wait will probably end up being. Just something to keep in mind!
  10. remediva, have you been to the store yet, to try on sizes and such?
  11. The more time I spend here, the harder it gets to sit on my hands (and my credit cards). I think when I get that tie for DH, I'm going to pick one I know he won't like so we have to go back to the store together to exchange it :sneaky::devil:
  12. I haven't been into a store yet. The one closest to me is in Vancouver, which isn't too terrribly far away, but I rarely get up there.

    I did just find out that I'll be attending a conference in Vancouver in October, though, and I already have the Hermes store address and phone number in my Blackberry. I'll be spending an afternoon there, without a doubt.

    I guess I need to do a little research, though, and see what I can find in Seattle. Maybe the new Barneys will have Hermes?
  13. Again with the LOL. You crack me up!
  14. Well, I guess I cant speak too much about mental hurdles, because I tumbled face first over those at my first whiff of clemence....all fiscal sense went out the window.

    But, I think it will make shopping, even for a vintage bag, easier if you have an idea of the size that would work best on you, and perhaps the color family as well.

    For example, I would never have thought to buy a red bag, but after scouring through the PF, I fell hard for rouge h, and that is what I tried to keep in my sights for my first bag.

    If you can narrow your focus, it will help. If you are lucky, you will be able to try the sellier and retourne style.

    You can even, maybe share your small discoveries with DH along the way as his comfort zone increases. :yes:

    It didint help much, but when my bolide became available, DH at least knew that it was what I had been looking for, rather than just a random hair-brained purchase.

    Dont even ask what I had to say and do to get the next one, LOL. :s

    If your heart is set on a kelly, a GP will not fill the bill. A vintage bag will, however!!!
  15. Save for the kelly!

    Go ahead and buy little things here and there like scarves and charms and agendas and belts and...sorry, got carried away. Where was I? Oh, anyway, if what you really really want is a kelly, don't settle for anything else. Make this your "research" time - look at everything and wait for the one that makes your heart sing. Good luck!