A little help for an indecisive gal....red galore or something else?


Which BV wins your heart?

  1. Carmine (fall 07) red campana

  2. Carmine red new ball bag

  3. Cassis (resort 08) red campana

  4. Cassis red new ball bag

  5. Carmine or cassis montaigne

  6. Carmine or cassis medium veneta

  7. Nero campana

  8. Something else (any ideas?) or put fund towards BV croc bag

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  1. I received my carmine campana and it is a lovely bag. :love: But of course one always has second thoughts when spending $$ on a bag (or is it just me?:s).

    Here are Blugenie's photos until I can take pics (hope she doesn't mind!)

    So I need your much valued and trusted opinions, what bag would you pick? As some of you may know, my first and only BV bag is the ebano (dark brown) large veneta. I also have a Chanel black medium/large caviar classic flap and a Chanel orangey red jumbo lambskin vintage flap (that may be going back depending on Amex dispute). I was originally thinking about the nero campana but I don't find myself reaching for black bags much and I'm afraid I'll regret passing on carmine. BV does make a gorgeous black.

    Of course, with so many gorgeous red BV bags, I can't pick between small veneta, new ball, montaigne and campana. :girlsigh:

    My other dilemma is between the fall 2007 carmine red (darker true red with slight blue undertones) or resort 2008 cassis red (lighter, brighter red with pinkish hue - slightly strawberry/raspberrish). :heart:

    Some links for reference:
    Cassis red (resort 08):

    Carmine new ball bag (love the gold hardware):

    What's a gal to do when faced with such a heavy decision? :shrugs: What say you BV experts? :flowers:
  2. hi mystiletto, i am leaning towards the carmine veneta because the the veneta is an iconic bv, and the carmine is a classic pillar box true red that will still be current for years to come. the cassis is fun, but will definitely be quite a seasonal sort of shade. oh well, depends on what look you're after - fun and now, or timeless?
  3. Okay how about this compromise...put funds toward a CARMINO CROC CAMPANA! You get the red, plus the croc, plus the campana. Okay so I don't know for sure they make carmino croc, but I know they make a croc campana, so you're 2/3 of the way there.

    In all seriousness, regarding the carmino campana, I prefer this style in the classic colors (ebano, nero, etc). The carmino is about as bright as I would carry in this style. I personally wouldn't like the brighter cassis on a campana, and agree with armcandyaddict that it may look dated later. If I were choosing for myself I'd go with the new ball bag because of the gold HW combined with the red, but if you want a totally different sillhouette from all the bags you own, go with the montaigne.
  4. I'm gonna sound so boring, but my vote's for the Carmino Veneta!!
  5. I really like the one you just got. It's very roomy, classic and chic....You COULD get a smaller piece (like the wallet you linked to) in the cassis to give it a pop of colour in a slightly different shade...!
  6. I would stick to the Carmino Campana or get a Large Carmino veneta. Personally I prefer the Carmino red to the Cassis and love my Carmino large veneta because of the secure closure and the wonderful slouch of the bag. In my eyes the Carmino red is a true timeless red.
  7. I like ouija board's suggestion although I would like to be able to see the Carmino Croc Campana first before sinking money there. My choice would be the Carmino Veneta. Absolutely perfect red in the perfect style. IMO, Carmino is truly the classic red that would never date (and its definitely no where near "mature" red). In the Veneta style the Carmino is tres chic. 2nd pick would be Nero Campana. I would def grab the Carmino first whilst its still available/in season. Do go with your heart, my dear. You wouldn't go wrong.
  8. I am madly in love with campana and want it in every colour and size if at all possible, so I would definitely keep the carmino personally. However, if you are having the second thoughts, I'd say wait until you see something that waves and screams at you, maybe a nice croc piece?;)
  9. Thanks so much for your input ACA, OB, Nymph, mistikat, Syma, ms piggy and Mid. :flowers:

    I think I've decided against a cassis color bag. Even thought cassis is a fun bright red that definitely catches your eye, I should stick with carmine since it's more timeless.:heart: Otherwise, I'll have to be practical and get the nero campana. Or I could get a nero campana and a med carmine veneta. :sweatdrop: Oh but what about the carmine new ball or montaigne - the gold hardware is stunning. Too bad the campana has steel hardware. Oh my indecisive nature is shining through. :s

    On a side note, I'd love a croc BV bag but I think I'd prefer a more neutral color...carmine croc would be a lot of red croc. :nuts: I'd have to save up quite a bit for croc. :girlsigh:
  10. ^ITA Mystilleto, if I was buying a croc bag, then I would get a more neutral, go with everything colour for my $$$$$. The carmino ball is also a very stunning bag and I love the gold braided hardware, but the bag itself always looked a little small to me, can you try a few of these styles on????
  11. I would vote for the carmino veneta if I was lookimg at red bags. I think the shape of the veneta is so chic, as is the color carmino.

    I saw a carmino new ball on bluefly. Not sure if it is still there though. Yesterday it was there and then gone, then back again on the last page of the BV bags.

    Good luck, I certainly feel your "decision making pains".
  12. Aaaw, sorry it's not true love but I understand your dilemma - so many lovelies to ponder! The gunmetal hardware with the carmino fell flat on me too - I really prefer the gold HW on the carmine montaigne and new Ball! :drool: So I vote for one of those ~ the new Ball in carmine seems absolutely perfect! :heart: Good luck in deciding :flowers:
  13. i keep on thinking about this thread and really didnt know how to respond M since i am just indecisive :sad: is the resort red a reissue coz i have a red veneta from about 2-3 years ago and it looks quite similar to that red. after seeing Carmino IRL, it's truly hard to resist that gorgeous shade. I agree with everyone that it's more timeless :yes: so carmino veneta gets my vote and if you truly heart the shape of a campana, then i say get it in a classic color but there is no rush for that :p

    and pls if you do get a croc bag, do share pics with all of us :tup: i am in such a mood for exotics after seeing uclaboi's ostrich collections.

    good luck with your decision and let us know!
  14. I voted for the Carmine new ball w/ gold hardware and also for saving up for a BV Croc bag in Noce or Limo or some other light color!!!
  15. ^me too...my thoughts...exactly! :yes: