A little help for a newbie regarding cloudy bundle bowler!!

  1. Well, I've been dreaming about the cloudy bundle bowler for a while now. And I was wondering if it comes in different sizes?? I know there are a couple different styles (hobo, tote) but I was wondering if the bowler style comes in different sizes? Also if anyone happens to have the dimensions of the bag that would be great!!!

  2. Funny, I'm holding one right now.... I believe it comes in one size, the one I have is 16x7 1/2" at the base and about 8" high in the center, handle drop 9 1/2".
  3. Steffibp - Ohhh, I'm so envious right now, I love that bag!! ;) Thanks for the stats!!!
  4. I called the Chanel 800# yesterday and they were able to find the cloudy bundle bowler in beige (olive green) and gray.
  5. The olive green is GORGEOUS.
    I believe the bowler only came in one size.
    Mine is "white" but it's more of a natural tan color (it's not even REMOTELY white)
  6. I have the black and it is this size also.
  7. The grey bowler sounds beautiful!!
  8. Can someone post a picture of this bag I would love to see it?
  9. Thank you all for your help!!
  10. That's how I found mine, I picked the 'white' one. The Chanel at Short Hills Mall also had a black and a khaki one.
  11. Jenna, check out the reference library for some pretty pics, mine is a birthday gift... I'm not supposed to see it until next month.... right.
    I also know a dept store that might still have a black one if anybody is interested.