A little hair help, pretty please?

  1. Hi ladies- I'm new around here :smile:

    So I've been getting the japanese hair straightening for about 4 years now, and I must say I'm sort of sick to death of stick straight hair. Problem is that I have VERY thick (as in amount of it) and curly hair, but it's also very fine (as in diameter)- so before I started straightening it every (six months for $750 with tip!) it was a disaster! Nothing made it look good ever.

    Sooo long story short, I love that my hair is more manageable, but I hate that it's so boring. I usually use those fabric wire thingies to make it wavy when I'm going out, but that's such a pain in the butt. Does anyone know if there is anything new out there to make hair into manageable waves without making it stick straight?

    Hope this post was intelligible...I just took my last law school final exam EVER this morning and I'm completely exhausted and cashed out :smile:
  2. Doe your hair even hold any curl with the Japanese straightening? One of my friends does it, and nothing will make her hair curl again until it grows out! I don't know if it would work with your hair, but have you tried the sprays that are supposed to give you "beach hair"? You know, wavy like you spent the day playing is salt water. It think Frederic Fekkai has some as does the "Blonde" brand that they sell at drugstores. I think that one is called beach hair or something. Hope this helps!

    Congrats on law school! I have a few more years in med school until my final day...sigh, I can dream and study for finals!