A little H_angry

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  1. So today i called my store and i was tlkaing to my SA and they were supposed to send me some pics of something i was looking for and i still haven't received them and i called like 5 hours ago... yet i hate to call back and seem annoying
  2. give it some time. SA will probably sent it to you by the end of the day. Don't call again and annoy the SA and ruin the relationship.
  3. the SA's are usually extreemly busy, don't take it personally, I have called my SA that I have worked with for YEARS a few times during holiday seasons ...
  4. Did you check your junk mail?
    Sometimes when you get mail that is from a new sender it gets filtered to junk mail.
    HTH, and yes SA's sometimes busy, you could always call tomorrow and follow up.
  5. Most SAs and stores in general don't like to email photos out in the first place. Some even refuse flat out. If you get something you should feel very lucky. I wouldn't call and bother them again, they are very busy.
  6. Yep, the store can get very busy at times. Try to call them up on weekdays when the store traffic is not so hectic.
  7. i would call monday if you still haven't gotten it. i totally understand your frustration. i've had sa's say they will send me pics and then forget. but i figure it's above and beyond for them to do it in the first place (not to mention such a treat that in this day and age they even can do it- remember the days when you had to wait to get in to the store to see something because there was no email or else that sending pics was not even soomething people thought to do as it is now?) and even though i'm inpatient and want to see it i know it will come eventually. the reality is that this is saturday and it's their busiest day and they most likely did not have time to take a pic, upload it and send it. i'm sure if you call again and ask on monday they will do it for you!