A Little H can brighten any day!

  1. OK, so I can't afford an H agenda yet but I thought I would share with you my new agenda (25 cents at the dollar store! LOL) with it's Hermes friend. Just goes to show how the addition of something Hermes can brighten any day and make anything more special!!! (Thanks again IC!!!:heart: :heart: :heart: )
    tmpphpaanxEa.jpg tmpphpmDFHma.jpg tmpphpzV9b4M.jpg
  2. Aren't those animal bookmarks the cutest!!!!

    I wish they had done keychains in these characters and not only the bookmarks.

    Everytime I see one I smile..and he looks very happy on your agenda!!!
  3. too cute, H!
  4. so so cute! And you're right, every H brings a smile to the day! Thanks for sharing. :heart:
  5. [​IMG]

    And aren't you the studious one. What are you studying for today, your big interview tomorrow?
  6. So adorable Crochetbella!!! [​IMG]
  7. So cute, and how right, a bit of H always brightens my day. I love your roses too.
  8. Thanks everyone! I just thought he was too cute not to share! :yahoo:
    hehehe Tods...yep studying for my interview! Refreshing my memory on all things Library! :sweatdrop:
    Thanks Rose! They are starting to droop but they smell SO good! The whole room is filled with the most wonderful scent!
  9. ITA - a bit of hermes goes a long long way!:flowers: :flowers: that page holder is so cute (and clever).
  10. CB, Best of luck tomorrow! I won't be near a computer but will be thinking about you and send my very best wishes :heart: :heart:
  11. :yahoo: Thank you!!!! I am so excited/nervous...if I get this job it could really change my life!!! :sweatdrop:
  12. Will be keeping fingers crossed for you CB! Good luck!!!
  13. CB, I have the cat bookmark. Mostly because my son picked it out - it is just a dark beige color. I loved the dolphin you have. I thought that they were outrageously priced but find the it makes me smile every time I need to go to the calendar part of my agenda.
    Congratulations on your cutie and your interview.
  14. crochetbella, how cute!! Is he turquoise?
  15. Thanks everyone! :yahoo:
    I think he is turquoise!!! :yes: Such a great color!