A little going away present to myself... a new man-bag!

  1. So my last day at Coach is Saturday and hadn't planned on buying anything else before I leave but a gentleman returned this on Wednesday and I couldn't let it slip away. Style # is 5A07, Legacy Leather Slim Commuter. A little more professional looking than my Legacy Leather Map Bag.

  2. That's nice. I need something big for my laptop. :smile:
  3. That would make a neat laptop bag!
  4. Nice. I was eyeing that up the last time I went to Lahaska. I like the doe. I mistakingly bought one on eBay thinking it was that bag but it was the narrower portfolio! Bad research on my part.
  5. It would be great for a laptop, especially a smaller one like a MacBook.
  6. Very nice! I can def. see that being used for a laptop.
  7. The one in Lahaska is the Hudson, not the one you have. I really like your bag! I got the Hudson today - couldn't turn away the price $207.27 plus tax!
  8. Lovely bag!
  9. I've looked at those for my laptop before...
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