A little glamour in the sack!

  1. This afternoon and evening, I was in San Francisco for some shopping and relaxation.
    My SA was working today, and I was excited to go visit him for a while. I intended to do some gift shopping, when I stumbled upon this new beauty. You should have seen my eyes! They were glowing. It was glowing! LOL :yahoo::yahoo:

    So, I just had to get it! :drool: Now, I'm back home, and SUPER tired from the long day, but I'm soooo happy to have gotten it!

    Can you guess what's in the sack (dust bag)?

  2. one of the miroir cosmetic cases?
  3. ITA! what's under that dust bag :nuts:?
  4. *Hmmmm* :thinking:

    Since you said it was "glowing" and by the shape of it ..... I'm guessing it has to be the Silver or Gold Miroir Cosmetic Bag as well.
  5. :popcorn:
  6. I'll guess a cute little cosmetic case- possibly gold?
  7. *Ahhhhhhhhhh*

    Open, Open, Open ..... :biggrin:
  8. A Mirror Cosemetic Case.
  9. cosmetic case!
  10. Gold Limelight PM:heart:
  11. ^i also think so
  12. Show us!!!
  13. So curious! Show us!!!!! :smile:
  14. This reveal is taking way too long!!!!
  15. Limelight?