A little gift from my SA...

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  1. Today I brought some chocolate over to the boutique for my favourite SAs. Did not expect I would receive this from them...
  2. That's so sweet! How cute! =)
  3. aww that's soo sweet!
  4. Oh wow! That is so nice. :wub:
  5. It's so cute! :heart:
  6. Aww, so sweet!
  7. very sweet!
  8. very sweet
  9. very nice!
  10. Thanks everybody. Yes they're very sweet. I have been dealing with one particular SA for several years and have been bringing in chocolate/sweets every now and then.
  11. Definitely very sweet!!! :yes:
  12. That is so sweet of her! That is soo pretty congrats!
  13. how sweet
  14. Congratzzzz, that's such a wonderful keyring & Happy Holiday :yahoo:
  15. Very cute!