A little game....Can you guess what this Coach item is?

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  1. What is it?
  2. Leather phone holder w/ black clip, and COULD e with the cut out slot on the side to allow for antenna protrusion.
  3. Baaaah Bunny -
  4. Yep. What Bunny said.
  5. And Bunny is young!
  6. Young but so many brain cells on classic knowledge!

    /tail flex
  7. ^lol!
  8. bunny, you're amazing!
  9. I want to live inside Bunny's head for a day or so ;) I could learn so much!
  10. Now that takes talent! :woohoo: I took one look and was like WTH is that?:lol:
  11. That thing belongs in a time capsule! Nancy, you need to give Zach Morris his phone back!
  12. :lolots:
  13. Cell Phones used to be even bigger - they were very heavy and as big as a brick and you had to carry part of it in big knapsack in order to make a call.
  14. Come on Nancy, no more guess what this is pictures? :smile:

  15. :lolots: OMFGosh I think I just pee'd my pants!