A little frustrated...

  1. Sorry, I just needed to vent out a little.

    The last month or so, I have been straining myself going on as many interviews as I can. I haven't taken a lunch in some time and after work I've been rushing from one end of downtown to the next to fill in as many interviews. I have met some great people and definitely was able to put a face out there. I have received 4 offers in the last 3 weeks, none of which I was too ecstatic about. I have made the decision that I wanted to build a career and I wanted to carefully seek out an opportunity that offers a) of course, my salary expectation for the job description b) the opportunity to advance and c) Happiness and long-term opportunities.

    At the moment, I just seem so frustrated because I have be offered the positions that I have applied to but none of them were ever ones that I was completely excited for before the interview. The ones that I couldn't wait to be interviewed with haven't yet responded to me.

    I'm just a little frustrated and drained and needed to vent. Thanks for listening!! :heart:
  2. Hope it works out for you..and home you find the ideal job of your dreams!
  3. the ox is slow but the earth is patient.

    thats all I got right now. hang in there. persevere. power to the people.
  4. Aww I'm sorry :sad:

    I guarantee you that your hard work will pay off soon, though! Just be patient for a little bit longer! :smile:
  5. After I wrote this thread, one of the top 3 companies that I was trying to get into, called me back! I'm seeing them tomorrow for my second interview. I'll be meeting with the team and after that, hope all goes well! :smile:
  6. :yahoo: Hooray! You'll do great! Sending you good vibes!!!
  7. Keep your head up! At least you are getting interviews and calls back!
  8. Pick one, and you can always keep looking, it is easier to find a job when you have a job. Plus, what bagnshoo said.
  9. Best of luck!