A Little Flight to Hermes

  1. Well, you know, for me, it is a big deal to go to Hermes.

    I was invited to a scarf event two weeks ago, but fell ill and could not go.:crybaby:

    But then, I was invited by my SA to a cocktail party, and felt that there was no way on earth I would miss it. The weather at home has been horrible, rain rain rain. And DH was in the City of Hermes the day before the party, and said the weather was glorious. Another reason to pack, and with a spring in my step and a cocktail dress safely packed...head to the airport!!!!

    After a short flight, I arrived....unfortunately the RAIN was slightly ahead of me, making me seriously doubt my wisdom in booking a hotel a short WALK from the boutique.:sweatdrop:

    I checked into my hotel, took a CAB the two monsoon-soaked blocks, and arrived at Hermes several hours before the party.

    I went with the intention of checking out the GM cashmere shawls my SA had collected for me to look at. And I wanted pick up my Biblioteque pouchette, and Faubourg at Night carre. I also had a couple of other things to mull over....including my TRUE feelings for the lindy, and perhaps figure out my ongoing clutch dilemma.

    And, BEST OF ALL....I had a plan meet up with another LOVELY and fabulous PFer who I will not name unless she wishes to come forward....but YAY!!!
  2. :party:

    Wey CB, so glad you managed to get there, rotten that you was ill and had to miss the other event.

    What you buy?????

  3. Aaaaaaaaaah I feel the vibes through this thread P....did you two gals (or gentleman) take anything home???:woohoo::graucho:
  4. Well....after what seemed like hours....my SA and I settled on two great cashmere shawls.

    Yes, I only intended to get one...but what can I say.....

    I came home with this beauty...

    Early America


    And, I also picked up Passementerie in the lovely purple colorway....which I forgot to photograph, but here is is....I am still not sure of this one, but I love the color!!!

    I am going to sit with it and see how it goes...


    And, I got the pretty gift boxes, too. YAY.

    EA shawl.JPG holiday boite.JPG
  5. WhooHoo!
  6. Congratulations on the beautiful cashmere shawl! I like the texture.
  7. Yummy! Loving that Early America Shawl! That CW is striking!
  8. CB!!!

    NICE loot!

    I have the exact same Early America shawl but in the green colorway, and am mulling over the Passementerie!

    So where did you come out on the Lindy?
  9. Congratulations, CobaltBlu! Great choices and glad you got yourself the Xmas box sleeves too.

    Why do I sense that you're saving the best for last? :graucho: :heart:
  10. WOW! Those are beautiful!!!
    Sorry you got caught in the rain, that happens all the time in Oregon, it will be sunny in one part and then by the time you get there it is raining again and nice where you just left. grr! :smile:

    Those shawls are just gorgeous!!!
  11. Gorgeous shawls! How was the party?
  12. Then, it was time to get down to the business of the clutches....

    There was a kelly longue in swift rose dragee.....
    Well, this was my second kelly longue twirl, and unfortunately, though I LOVE LOVE the kelly longue, this was not my cup of tea.

    I played with several kelly wallets....vert anis chevre, rouge h chevre :love:, noisette chevre, and gold epsom.....the Kelly Wallet is adorable, but a little small to be a clutch for me...

    My SA said there were no maharanis or KLs in other colors, and no KPs either. VERY SAD.

    Wandering around the store a bit, I happened to spot a JIGE ELAN in black chamonix with black stitching. IT WAS LOVELY. But...I didnt hear the singing. I felt, confused :confused1::confused1::confused1: Was the chamonix too plain? ARGH????? The size was perfect, and it is very comfortable.

    But I could not decide what to do. By now, the LOVELY ***** had arrived. Her philosophy is to buy first, and ask questions later, LOL! I picked up the Jige, and spoke to it--"why arent you a maharani???"

    My SA had an idea.....and then she went back upstairs and came back with....guess what.....a black box MAHARANI :yahoo:

    OK, this is where it gets weird.
    I :heart::heart::heart: the maharani. I really wanted her to come home with me. But it is such a special and beautiful bag, so dressy and formal. And my life is just not like that. I could not spend that kind of money for something so exquisite and then leave her in her box.

    So, that settled the matter of the maharani. And as beautiful as the chamonix is, next to the box...well, I just love black box....

    so, no clutch for me....
  13. Congrats on your beauties. I love the Early America colorway.
  14. You are all so sweet!!

    I want to tell you straight up. I did not come home with a bag.

    But, OH, the things I tried!!! YAY!

    I discovered that I DO like the lindy! YAY!! I first tried them on when all they had in the store was the RD in the 34. That did not ring my bell at all.

    But, I loved the 31 in the colors they had.....so pretty. But, it was not the time....but I was so happy to be able to try them, finally. There was a beautiful graphite one, sigh...it was fantastic.

    I also tried on the Victoria FT. Another bag that is not my cup of tea. The strap slid off my shoulder and I really hate that. But, I was SO HAPPY to know, because I have had close calls of getting one sight unseen...PHEW.

    OK, now, the constance....well, I really needed to know if I was a constance girl. There was a RAISIN CHEVRE large one.....TOO BIG!!! And a vert anis small one....JUST RIGHT size, but not color....so, another question answered.

    All in all, that was a very fruitful part of the day, just trying and settling on what I like and dont feel as much...

    Then, time so say goodbye to my SA and ****, and off to collect my other parcels and get ready for the party!!!

    I had to take a cab back...one of the SAs offered to give me a ride!!! But she was in her party dress already and it was nearly party time....
  15. Well still sounds like fun! I love trying on things!