A little Fendi to give to my mom, but which???

  1. It was my mom whow intruduced me ages ago to fendi and gave me one of her zuccabags (a tote) to carry to highschhool.
    Today I was thinking about getting her a "little" Fendi in "return" I was thinking about these two but not living in the US still unshure and very open to other suggestions!


    For info my mom is between close to 60 and a "sharp" dresser people often tell her she looks like faye Dunnaway.....
  2. That is so sweet of you! Out of the two, I like the first one better. Do you know if your mom would prefer black or brown better?
  3. Thanks Daloo I hadn't seen this one. Really to be considered.

    kneehighz I think she would prefer brown being a blonde (no jokes!) but always says she "needs" a new black bag ...havn't I heard that before:shame:
  4. I like the first one
  5. Well then its settled by a unanimous vote and your mother's hair, the brown one! Unless you find something else, but between those two I give my :tup:
  6. How about the spy clutch? It's 290 USD on Jomashop. If not I prefer the 1st one.
  7. Yep I think I will go for the spyclutch, I actually got her a gucci hobo (brown logo canvas) for christmas so this would be really diffrent, just wonder if it's not too "tiny" does anybody have a modeling pic of it by any chance???
  8. Sorry just to check again does anybody have the spy clutch , I would lov e to see modellings pics would hate for it to be too small!