A little fall accessory shopping!

  1. Last Friday my wonderful SA called to let me know she had opened the boxes of gloves, which she knew I was asking about! We decided on a pr. of brown suede ones to replace a pr. of Burberry gloves I had and lost one of them.....then of course she asked if there was anything else, to which I inquired about a scarf like the one Fesdu posted in the members items....as I love, love snowglobes! And she did! She said they don't make that every year but had one on the shelf, explained it to me and after a long wait this morning, both have safely arrived! Love them both!! Now for some cooler weather!

    glovesscarf 001.jpg

    glovesscarf 002.jpg
  2. Wonderful purchases! Enjoy them in good health!
  3. Gorgeous gloves and scarves!!! I love snowglobes too:love: . How much are the gloves?:flowers:
  4. Oooooo. Shoes!! Beautiful scarf and gloves!!! Okay, now I want gloves too!!!
  5. Love both your purchases... if you came over here at the moment you could wear the gloves well nearly... its like 16 degrees ....brrrrrrrr
  6. 16F or 16C? I'm guessing 16F ... now that would be cold ...:Push:
  7. No 16 degrees c but still its august for ...... sake !!!! Why are we the only country that global warming has forgotten about....:rolleyes:
  8. oooh! Don't you just want it to be a bit cold now to wear your new goodies!!!
  9. great purchases!!
  10. Gorgeous!!! Congrats!:yahoo:
  11. Thanks everyone! birkingirl where do you live?? Here's a better, full pic of the scarf - it's so pretty! The gloves ran $495 but I was charged less for some reason, and I'm not asking lol!!!!:yahoo:

    scarf 002.jpg
  12. I also need to study that little book to figure ways to tie the big scarf!
  13. Shoes: I really like your new scarf. It is so pretty. Your gloves are very nice too, are they lined in cashmere??
  14. Gorgeous Finds!!! Congrats!
  15. Beautiful, Shoes! You are ready for Fall weather, girl!!! LOVE that scarf.....and gloves for Shopmom are on the list too!!!! Wear them well....and OFTEN!!!!

    Hey Shoes.....now I think it's time for that Cashmere stole....:graucho: