A Little Experiment

  1. So I have seen a number of unhappy threads lately

    Bad custom service :tdown:
    Price increase :tdown:
    Relaunch of Past LE :tdown:

    How would you feel about taking part in a little boycott?

    Perhaps for the month of August, I don't think there are any new releases or LE coming out in August so we wouldn't really be suffering. But NO new LV's for 1 month

    If the sales drop for a month after the price launch it may send a message.

    I am open to the idea of a 1 month boycott, do you have other friend's who are annoyed at the above issues or do you use other forums (spread the word)

    If they raise prices and we keep buying they will keep rising and it's our fault

    So guys we complain about the things but are you prepared to let your money do the talking?

    What are your thoughts and feelings on this topic?
  2. i think the only thing that may be coming out in august is damier sophie in japan/hawaii, or is it september?
  3. ^^^Yes, Sophie is coming out in August. I'll boycott after that though!
  4. I am so bummed about the new increase. The mini lin bucket I am saving to get is now over 1000 dollars :sad::crybaby:. I'm in for a 1 month ban.
  5. I can boycott in August. I'm feeling a little weak and lightheaded as I say this, though. LOL

    And anyway, I have to save up for the gray Nimbus so this boycott is a good thing. :sweatdrop:
  6. Ok so a 1 month ban excluding anyone buying Sophie but that's all no little extra's :p
  7. I wouldn't necessarily have a problem with it as I'm going to be very good for a while but I don't know that with such a big company that it would have much of an affect on anything, kwim?
  8. Waaah....I'm feeling withdrawal symptoms already and it's not even August..... LOL :crybaby:
  9. I will try not to buy any thing for the mounth of august.
  10. I'm in (since I'm not going to be getting anything new until probably Xmas anyway!)
  11. Im in too!

    My MC speedy is already paid for and everything!
  12. i'm in......

    i really can't buy anything else for at least two or three month anyways!!! just bought two bags this week!!!!!!!!
  13. I am in (with the Sophie clause), esp. since baby is due first week of Sept and I need to get a new infant seat, a double stroller and other things...Heck, I may be done for the rest of the year to tell you the truth!
  14. I'm in!
  15. me too....although most of the things I wanted didnt get a price hike...but I think your totally right..