A little excited and a little annoyed...

  1. I went to the outlet today and wasn't really thrilled with what they had. But the reason i'm a little annoyed is, and I know this has been discussed on here before, I was attacked by everyone that worked there! I walk in and start looking and I swear, all 800 employees came up to me and started in with the "what are you buying today?" and the "oh your purse is so gorgeous!". Now I like being complimented on my purse, I was carrying my Elisa, but when every employee comes up to you and tells you how pretty it is and touches it, it gets very annoying. Don't touch my purse! I don't want your hands all over my purse I paid alot of money for! I wasn't trying to be rude but after a while, when someone asked me something, I gave them a one word answer and walked away. I wasn't in the mood to talk to everyone, I just wanted to shop!

    But anyways, the store was packed and I was only there to try to find a Christmas gift for a friend. Before I went I was hoping they would still have a bag I loved from before but when it was in the regular stores, I didn't get it and when I saw it at the oulet last, I didn't have the money for it. So while I was walking around I spotted it and snatched it up! It was the last one in that color and it was 20% off the lowest price! So I paid about $207 for this bag that retailed for about $450 I believe! I believe it's called the Eva or Ergo Canvas XL Tote #10779! Mine is green, not brown and it has the legacy lining!!! And then I got the Soho Large Leather Satchel in brown for my friend for Christmas! That was $199 marked down from $409!

    Sorry for the drilldown pics, my camera battery died as soon as I was going to take pictures. I promise I will take pics soon!
    10779_d1.jpg 10581_d1.jpg
  2. Great purchases and AMAZING deal! Congrats!
  3. Great purchases!

    It stinks that they somewhat ambushed you, though. I think sometimes it's done with best intentions and people don't realize that they're being overwhelming!
  4. :woohoo: Wow, that is an amazing deal,
    Congratulations on you petty bag & your friend is very lucky to have you.
  5. Sorry everyone was being GrabbyPatty on your purse. :sad: I hate that too.
  6. Great purchases! I know what you mean about overzealous SAs! LOL! I had just gotten my chocolate bleecker large flap when I went into the outlet with it. I got lots of compliments and excited gals asking questions which was fine but then one SA decided to open it and start looking in it! I wanted to slap her! LOL! Hey, that's my personal stuff in there, ya know!? Oh, well! Anyway, love your choices!
  7. Great deals on 2 great bags! You are such a wonderful friend:love:
  8. Awesome bags. The soho is great, your friend will love it!
    I hear you on the ambush. Shortly after the last PCE (sept?). I went to the outlet and everyone threw an absolute fit over my plum ergo belted hobo. None of them had ever seen it before and they even kept telling each other to come see, come see. Drove me batty! I think they are trained to act like that. I hate it. I find myself getting in a really bad mood quickly when an SA is up my behind all the time. Lucky they didn't try to unzip mine. I mighta got arrested for assault.
    Nobody touches my bag. Ever.
    Anyway. Good for you!! You are a great friend.
  9. "Don't touch my purse!"

    i love that!! i never had the newer purses so i never get that. i havent had a chance to take my ergo out and buy accessories for it yet since i am home sick.

    we have an outlet about 35 miles away. i kinda want to go now..
  10. ^^ Aww, I hope you feel better! And take that ergo out the first chance you get!
  11. she went to school on tuesday! (fits my binder perfectly)

    she also got to go out on monday but thats all. now all she does is stare at me wishes to show off!
  12. congrats!! those are awesome purchases!!!
  13. It was like that last weekend when I went to the outlet. Then when I was paying the girl asked me who was helping me. I started laughing and just said "everyone" But it was more like annoying than helping.
  14. Good for you. I never find such great deals in my outlet.
  15. i'm so sorry that you had that experience! i know that it's frustrating...we are all in secret-shop mode (we have them monthly) and no one in the company has gotten their results in yet...which means that we have to practice all of our "service commitments" on every single customer. again...i'm sorry, we make sure at our store to have some sort of communication with our fellow SA's to make sure we don't do that. it always get more low-key after we have our shop results in.

    and elisa is a great bag. i want to hug her every time i see her. :smile: