A little Documentary on LV

  1. this is awesome, thank you!!!!:heart:
  2. Cool video! Thanks!
  3. Thanks for posting!
  4. cool!
  5. I just can't catch a break- I don't speak French or German :p Cool video though.
  6. Cool video!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  7. It's not in German ;) It's spoken in french and the subtitles seem to be Dutch, hence the NL in the title :smile:


    Nice! There was a documentary on ARTE on German TV about 2 weeks ago about Marc Jacobs and they also had a pretty big segment dedicated to the work that he did and is in the process of doing with Louis Vuitton, it was very interesting to see how he designs the shoes and bags with just little flaps of fabric :smile:
  8. Haha, I understand about 50% of the spoken french and the rest I make out by reading the subtitles which allthough being in dutch aren't that hard to understand. Kind of crazy. >_<
  9. yeah, i'm learning french at the moment, but couldn't understand a word they are saying.. you get the idea though.. all their trunks are hand-made and done in such a way that its almost perfect :yes:
  10. i like that video!
  11. cool :smile:
  12. oops :p I knew it was french but just kinda guessed with the subtitles.
  13. impressive! But i cringed when i first saw the lady 'trim' the excess monogram lol.
  14. Thanks. Love this video. I believe someone already posted this a while back.