A little dissapointed but still look what arrived today...

  1. So after my truffe/camel dilemma, a big THANKS again for all who patiently helped me to make my mind up, I went to search for the perfect camel day but :sad: without result (I didn't want to order the day outside of europe because of the pricediffrence).
    But LVR had camelcitys and since I had a storecredit there...I went for it.
    i was a little scared since my last order there ended with a return since the leather on what I has ordered was really not nice, you know that plasticloock that some of the sprinbags have...

    so this time I was incredibly precise so this is what I asked for:

    very, nice smooth thick leather, butterlike, a little veiny/marbled but only a little to give it the special caracter, but not dry or distressed and with only a little shine

    I will try to post a pic to let you judge for yourselves.

    First I was very surprised :?: by the color the camel 06 fall I had seen IRL (a work) was much lighter and I think fiatfux pics were as well.
    I think I like it but need to overcome my surprise since I was expecting a lighter bag.

    The leather: soso, it's not veiny more matte than in the pics because of the flash, it's thick but it's neither smouchy nor soft but rather distressed and dry.
    I hope this makes sens.
    The SA told me I would receive this:
    I personally went to the warehouse to choose the “least” veiny one – that was smooth like butter. I know you will LOVE IT!

    So I like it but I don't love it and it's really not buttery. Now I know conditioning can do wonders but my RV was so wonderful not needing any of that.

    Ohh I will keep it since my first return cost me nearly 50 euros shipping out of my pocket.

    I must add that LVR customerservice is overall very good, maybe a little slow to reply mails but very quick to ship, refund etc.
    Maybe there was no softer bag...

  2. [​IMG]
  3. OHHH~ catcat!!!!!! I can't see the pics but maybe you just need some time to get used to the color! I bet a conditioning will work wonders! Were you expecting a very light color and this is too dark?
  4. Hope these will show:
    DSCN3496 copie.jpg DSCN3497 copie.jpg
  5. Hmmm...is that possibly a Spring-06 Camel bag? The A/W-06 camel bags I saw were definitely lighter...but it looks lovely!! :heart:
  6. OMG! How could you not love that beauty???:heart: This is one of my favorite colors! I've seen it IRL but only in the day style & afternoon style and it was super beautiful IMO!!!!!!!! It will go with everything! I say she's a definate keeper!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  7. Hey catcat, it looks good to me! I am sure it will soften with use, and you must consider that these bags always look a bit strange when new flat and empty. Did you try a little massage? It worked to soften the back of my black city which was slightly harder than the front.
    For what is regarding the color, it is true that the camel I saw was lighter, are you sure it's camel we are talking about and not caramel?
  8. I just had a second look, I like it, really, it's not veiny at all. But I don't think you should keep it if you don't feel you like it.

    By massage I meant with your hands, without any kind of moisturizer (I always try that first)
  9. This should be alittle bigger and yes :yes: I was expecting a lighter bag.
    it is fall 06 camel I did check the tags as well as the silvertag 2006 3 and W on the silvertag;

  10. I will try to give it a little massage...:P sssht don't tell my hubby!

    zacorey the color is beautiful but it was just not what I expected after having started and read thru all the caramel/camel etc..threads and the time I took to make my mind up it's really rather funny that I still end up with smth I didn't expect even if the season is right.:rolleyes:
  11. That is gorgeous, makes me want a bag in that color now!

    But if you are not happy then return it. I am sorry for your disappointment.
  12. Now I am confused! Here I go again! LOL Is it camel '06 or caramel/cognac s/s '06??? Where's Nanaz???? Maybe she will know.
  13. I totally get you :P but this is fall 06 camel I did check the tags as well as the silvertag 2006 3 and W on the silvertag...

    This adds to the confusion I know.
  14. I definitely recognize it as the Fall '06 camel ... but it does look like this is one that is on the darker end of the spectrum of variations that naturally occur with these bags. Also, the pics I posted were from Bal NY and I do not think they reflected the true color very well - they definitely photographed lighter than the true color looked when I saw it IRL.

    I think your bag looks BEAUTIFUL, btw ... one of the nicest camels I've seen! :smile: BTW, BalNY calls this color "Butterscotch," and yours definitely reminds me of yummy butterscotch ... :smile:
  15. If you get caught just say you will do the same to him afterwards :idea: