A little dissapointed but great customer service

  1. After reading about Rebecca Minkoff's bags and drooling over them for months, I finally made the move and purchased a dark grey matinee from Luna Boston. When I received I was sooo happy with it. The leather was soooo soft and luxurious. It just looks very well made. Quality felt much better than my Gustto Baca. (I love my Baca but the quality could be better for the price they charge.) I was quite happy since I was dissapointed with my prior Anna Corinna City and Kale Tate purchase (returned both). I put my new bag away in my closet and planned to bring it out when it gets colder (still quite warm here in California). Today I took it out to put some pro-treatment on it, then I noticed something on the wings of my martinee. On one side of my martinee, the stitching that is suppose to hold the leather and suede togather curved out on one spot causing a gap between the suede and the leather. Because the leather and suede was also glued togather in addition to the stitching, it was not very noticeable at first. (see photo) But I am sure it will get worse if not fixed. Feeling a bit dissapointed, I called Luna Boston right away. They assured me that this is no problem, they will send me a return label so I can send the bag to them and they will send it to Rebecca Minkoff to have it fixed at no charge. I am a little dissapointed that I will have to part with my Martinee for a few weeks but I am happy that both Luna Boston and Rebecca Minkoff are standing behind the product they sell/make. Just want to share my experience and recommend both the bag and the retailer. :smile:
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  2. Thanks for the info, and good luck with your replacement!
  3. Can I ask why you are disapointed with your Anna Corinna City? I am saving up for one right now and actually went to Luna Boston (I live 30 min from the city) and tried it on. It is a great bag...but I would like to know what happened with yours.

  4. I am glad to hear they were so accommodating. I am debating about getting this bag in a different color. It's nice to know you recommend it even after this problem.
  5. I agree that Luna Boston has exceptional customer service. :tup:
    qqyoung, can you please let me know why you returned the Kale Tate bag?
  6. Princessaj0603,

    I also have an Anna Corinna City Tote in Black. And similar to qqyoung, I am very unimpressed. The bag design is very unique, but the quality of the leather, the interior, and the hardware is sub par. I am hosting a purse party next week and it's going to be one of my premiere items to sell. I was so disappointed because I hunted that bag down!

    If you are interested, you can order from bagshop.com. They have a good selection.
  7. i have a RM clutch and the leather KILLS! it is SO amazing and yummy!

    i am glad they are being so great with service. i know the matinee is a huge seller this season, so maybe they were just turning them out too quickly (not that that leaves room for QC issues)?
  8. I was dissapointed with the AC city because the leather is thin which makes a bit floppy when folded. In addition, I find it hard to find thing in it since it is such a deep bag. I like leather that is more on the smooshy side like moni moni and bulga. With the kale, i just felt the leather is quite stiff. And one of the strap just won't stay put when carried on the shoulder. Since I have a lot of bags already, I made myself only buy/keep the bags that I really really love. I guess I just didn't love the AC city and Kale tate. But I know many on this forum really love them. So I would suggest you buy from somewhere you can return or see one IRL at a store.
  9. glad to hear that your problem is being addressed AND in such a speedy fashion.
    hope you get her bag soon.....in the meantime, enjoy your other beauties.
  10. I have loved shopping withe Luna Boston. They are just the nicest people! I've haven't had an issue (yet:s) that I have purchased from them, but it's nice to know that they are accomodating if I ever do!
  11. i'm so glad they're taking such good care of you! i've gotten the chance to chat with rebecca by email (she was nice enough to do an interview for my blog), and everyone at her shop is just fantastic!

    congrats on scoring the matinee, by the way...it's already sold out almost everywhere!
  12. YOu should definitly look into an other KALE bag... they have really cute stuff for Fall, the Tate East West is a good alternative. Or even the Diego, i'm in love with that bag....:heart:
  13. Thanks for your input. I actually went to Luna Boston last weekend and I fell in love with the AC City. I guess it is just your own style. I am going back to get it in 2 weeks!! I am so excited!
  14. If you have already seen and tried IRL then it is right for you. Congratulations on getting your AC, it is always very exciting to get a new bag that you really love.