A little disappointed

  1. I received my fold over buckle Bulga in this amazing purple from Shopbop and I was disappointed. It was folded in two and stuffed into a skinny little box. When I took it out there was a thin scratch across the front flap of the purse and the leather was broken up where the purse has been folded in half. It was not packaged safely to prevent damage. They were very nice about returning it but I doubt I will order a purse from them in the future. I have ordered belts before and clothes and they have been OK but this was disappointing. Am I the only one?
  2. That's a bummer! I ordered a Botkier from Shopbop in November, and I remember that it was packaged nicely.
  3. i ordered a gustto from shop bop and it came the same way as the Bulga...I returned it pronto.
  4. Wow, that's disappointing to hear - about the shoddy packaging AND that the leather on the bag wasn't so great. I'm glad you were able to return it.
  5. Were you able to exchange it for another? I haven't bought anything from Shopbop, but I have a friend that LOVES their website and hasn't had a problem (yet).
  6. No it was apparently the last one. They had a lighter purple but I didn't like the shade and honestly I am afraid they would send a replacement the same way they sent this one and I would have to return it again. It's funny you know kids toys from Toys r us come padded in huge bubble wrap and a pricey purse comes stuffed in a tiny box. I think I will not order from ShopBop again.
  7. I finally decided to do an exchange for a L.A.M.B. for a green Glazed Love Capri Handbag. I hope this one comes undamaged. Thanks for responding.
  8. that's too bad! i order from shopbop a lot and i've never had problems with their packaging. but good for you for saying something about it. did they refund your return shipping costs when you explained the situation?
  9. They were very nice about it. They gave me a 25.00 store credit and free express shipping so we will see. Thanks for asking.
  10. I've never been anything but thrilled with ShopBop - I think they're great!