A little disappointed in Marc

  1. The reason I'm so in love with Marc Jacobs bags is because they're extremely fashionable and classic. I also love that he hasn't had his name conspicuously plastered all over his bags... until now. I feel like a lot of people buy Louis Vuittons, and Fendis, Diors, etc just as status symbols because they have the monogram all over them, not because they have style or taste. I think it's tacky. But Marc Jacobs bags have a certain irresistable charm to them. I don't like the new bags put out this season that have MARC JACOBS printed on them. Maybe some people do, but just not my cup of tea. What are your thoughts?
  2. I'm with you, I don't want my bag to have the Marc Jacobs name on it. Although I guess I'm a bit of a hypocrite because I don't mind having LVs all over my bags ...
  3. I think what's so good about MJ bags is that you almost always know it's MJ by how it looks and how it's styled.... there's no need for logo craziness on a MJ bag...

    I also agree with you, that the new bags with Marc Jacobs written on it are a little yucky.
  4. there were some discussions about this very same thing in another thread. can't remember where though. the general opinon was::weird: :shocked: :throwup: :yucky: :sick:
  5. I remember never ever seeing the appeal of logos on a bag. I thought I'd never get a LV bag, but I got bitten by the bug. I was drawn more to the color and the style than the logo with LV bags. But I have to agree I don't like the new MJ bags with the name written across. But I'm more heartbroken about the new quilted bags not having suede lining and the fact that Marc Jacobs is written on leather inside the bag instead of the golden plate.
  6. im quite the opposite, I love the faridah logo bag with MARC on the outside.. Im not sure why? Or the graffiti zip clutch, both are extrememly cute!!
  7. :drinks: 'drink to that bellaflora! we can just pretend the yucky logo bags never existed (millions apologies to those who like this range), but the stams.... :sad:
  8. Yeah you can thank all the counterfeiters out there.
  9. lol- I just started a thread about this!

    I do not understand the MJ logo thing. It's not too cute in my opinion.
  10. I predict that those Marc Jacobs collection logo bags (not the M by MJ which are cuter and more subtle) will end up in the bargain bins, heavily discounted once the season is over.
  11. Considering that Marc Jacobs also designs for Louis Vuitton - and brought about such designs as the MC and the Manhattan bags - he's kinda already had his name on a few bags via logo osmosis.
  12. which are the MC and manhattan? they sound familiar... he did a good job for LV, funked it up a bit. but i think some of them are a bit funny looking. love the one with the buckle in the middle and 2 pockets (you can see MJ all over that one), and the one which said was inspired by vintage austrian bags, nice. if there were no LVs all over it, i would have bought it.
  13. (source of LV pictures: eluxury)

    MJ's Blake - LV's Manhattan PM

    MJ's Venetia - LV's Manhattan GM

    MJ's Sophia - LV's Hudson GM (not sure if there are compartments)

    There are more.
  14. ah, the venetia. ya, it was a bit over-powering the first time i saw a lady of leisure carry one. but it kinda grew on me. i wont be able to get away with carrying an LV though. LV does not suit me for some reason, bought one, caught a glimpse of myself in some mirror in some mall, sold it. but monograms like this can blend into the background of overall design as a whole. the "MARC JACOBS" spelled right accross a bag, is something entirely different.... maybe this and together with some very "off" LV designs a few seasons ago, are the manifestation of MJ's occassional complacency in design standard maintenance?
  15. :yes: and i, the bargain hunter, still would not buy them.:yucky: