A little disapointed with balenciaga..

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  1. I bought a city vert gazon from balenciaga last may and after using it for only a month the threads came loose on the thingy holding the shoulder strap and i noticed that the piping was lacking and they didnt add enough of the laquer when they made it....when i came back to the states i mailed it in and daphne said they would fix everything free of charge....anyway she mailed it back to my place in the states and i just picked it up yesterday and she didnt have them do anything to the piping.......What should i do?? email and call her now or should i wait til i go to new york in jan? you would think for a 1200 bag you would get better treatment
  2. I would bring it in person since it is just a month away. Now every boutique is busy so your bag might will be delay for the 2nd time repair. You could thank Daphne in person when you visit the store and show her the part which needs to be refixed. $1200 bag definitely deserves a better treatment.
  3. if i were you i would call her and explain the situation.. maybe she will have you send it back in or maybe she will have you wait till your visit.. but definitely call and let her know!
  4. Well, I am curious who does their repairs, because they did a horrible job on mine. I have a feeling it might be the SAs doing it in their spare time. By piping, do you mean the edge paint is chipping/cracking? If so, maybe you're better off with them not fixing that. They did that on mine, and they did a tremendously sloppy job, and even left a dot of the paint on my bag (it won't come off).

    One more thing...the main reason I sent mine in was because the rope whipstitching had worn through in four places on one of the handles. I fully expected them to remove that rope and replace it with a new rope on that handle. Nope...they just slapped some of the edge paint on those spots to mask them. Unbelievable!!
  5. ^^ yikes..

    dont hate me gals, but i think bal is over producing these bags.. and being sloppy with them....
    love the oldies before gucci group took over
  6. wow, I have vert gazon bag too and this thread makes me nervous. I totally understand my friend who bought an identical GH bbag copy from TJMaxx and wears it everywhere, while here I am, worrying about my real ones :sad: How fair is that? She spends $24.99 and has not a worry in the world. I don't think I will be buying bbags anymore.
  7. Ugh Gucci should sell off Balenciaga to a private investor so that it's like Chanel or Hermes; an independent luxury house. I hate hearing stories like this. It's so disappointing.
  8. wow.. sounds like you may have gotten a defective one... b/c all of my bbags are still in great shape after months & months of use.
  9. Personally, I would call Daphne to let her know the situation immediately, but tell her you will bring the bag in person when you are there in Jan.

    At least call and let her know your issues - and then you can hopefully have them sorted out in January when you are in the area.

    I have been lucky with my bags so far... funny considering that I have never purchased them in person - I put all my faith in the person I'm buying from!

    Hopefully it all turns out well for you.

  10. I'm just pretty disappointed that they don't take repairs as seriously as, say, Chanel seems to. Is it just because they are at a lower price point than Chanel and thus don't have the same resources?
  11. Oh my, your story makes me nervous for my own Bbags! :s And a bit disappointed as well! You'd think that after spending such a great amount of money on their bags, they would at least repair them probably! Besides, they're supposed to be sturdy and durable! Tsk. At least brands like LV really take the time to repair bags, no matter how old they are.
  12. oh - so sad!! i hope they fix her up for you ... OT but, verty ... your bag in your av is STUNNING! Am jealous! :heart:

  13. They are at a lower price point than Chanel, but they are still a luxurious brand and NOTHING in my eyes justifies not providing a proper fixing flaws service ( which shouldnt show in the first place ) when u pay 1k+ for a bag :tdown:
  14. i'm sorry to hear about your story! if it makes you feel any better, i just discovered today that the black linen lining of my city wasn't stitched up properly at the two sides of my bag, like i can see the white base of the leather? if you get what i mean? like there are two holes at the sides of linings :push::confused1: i don't think i'll bring it back to balenciaga to fix cos they'll probably take forever and i'll probably have to pay $$$$ since i didn't buy it from the store?? anw i've had my fair share of crappy quality luxury goods, my gucci wallet ripped after 3 months of use and my miu miu bag's handle ripped after like 1 week and my burberry metallic bag peeled after 3 days of using :crybaby:
    gucci replaced my wallet and miu miu repaired my bag even though they took like 2 months to do that..burberry offered to do an exchange for me but they didn't have any more of the same bag in store so i ended up keeping my peeling bag..so far the bag that hasn't given me ANY problem and has withstood all abuse is my botkier trigger which was a fraction of all these bags..what irony haha:cursing::roflmfao:
    i've just got a prada a few days ago..let's see how that one hold up haha!
  15. That's terrible you can't be enjoying your bag right now. I would definitely call back and politely tell them they missed something that needed to be fixed as well. It's worth the trouble; vert gazon is a gorgeous colour. It's my second favourite colour! :heart: