A little diddy about the Birkin in German Elle :)

  1. Hi ladies,

    I picked up a copy of the German ELLE, and there was a small diddy about the Birkin in there. I posted the original two pages in the Handbag forum, but Rose asked me to post the Hermes bit here too :smile:

    It's not really that much information, but it's pretty good for those of us who have no clue about Hermes (like me!).


    Translation :smile:

    Hermes "Birkin", from 4980 EUR:

    - Elaborate plates hold the tabs/flaps that lead to the golden Lock.
    - The golden lock carries (shows) the Hermes Logo. Next to it, the padlock.
    - The stiching is absolutely flawles, because it is made by hand, and one can see it. One person makes the whole bag, this reason is the wait list approximately 12 months.
    - The Striped padlock is made out of solid stainless steel and also carries the Hermes Logo (bottom) and also has a leather key holder. The interior is just like the exterior: structured Calfsleather. I can't figure out an appropriate translation for the last sentence, sorry! If I can think of one that makes sense in English, I'll post it!
  2. Thank you so much lamiastella, I appreciate you reposting it here for us. Thanks for the translation too!
  3. Thank you so much for posting and adding the translation at the end, lamiastella.

    And congratulations! Hope you are enjoying your 2nd trimester.
  4. Cool post! And I love that colour too.... <<sigh>> :heart:
  5. Thanks for the post, Lamiastella! I always love seeing Hermes in print!
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  8. thank you for the reference.
  9. Beautiful leather. Thank you for posting.