a little confused....

  1. OK...so I am almost done saving for my first LV and am soooo excited, BUT a little thrown off by eluxury's sales tax policy. I live in Nashville and although we have a LV boutique, I was planning on ordering from elux bc TN has a VERY high sales tax rate (%.0925!!!). As I was scrolling through elux's policy page I noticed that they charge sales tax to California and TN....:cursing:errr.....does anyone know why on earth they do this??? Also, does anyone know if vuitton.com charges sales tax? Thanks!!
  2. I think it's because eluxury has a physical presence in TN and CA. They ship out of TN and their operating offices are in San Francisco. My guess is that since TN has boutiques that vuitton.com will charge tax too.
  3. Yup, cpster is correct.
    It makes it bad for those of us in those states! Everyone else gets away tax-free so for us, there isn't much difference between buying from the boutique and elux!
  4. man- That is really random that they are in TN! That also totally squashes my plan for not paying a TON of sales tax! lol...oh wel....what can ya do lol!
  5. I know living in Los Angeles it sucks that I can not save on sales tax either.
  6. %.0925 TN's Sales Tax is less than ONE percent!? Or am I reading it wrong? If you have a bank account open from other states, I'd use that account to make the purchase and send it as 'gift' to any household members, KWIM?
  7. ^ hehe good eye, I guess the OP really means 9.25% (which is not TOOO bad imo........ I pay about 14% tax in Canada...)
  8. Another reason I like Elux alot !!
  9. Sales tax is charged by both Louis Vuitton and Elux because they have physical sites in TN and you are shipping to TN. It doesn't have anything to do with where your bank account is; it is strictly a matter of where you ship.
  10. yeah....sorry...i meant %9.25. I was just thinking what i press in the calc lol
  11. Same here, I'd take 9.25% anyday:yes:
  12. It's because elux has a warehouse in cali and tenn.. but 9.25 is alot for sales tax~!
  13. so does it mean that my state do not have any LV boutique, i wont be charged tax? i amin connecticut, CT 06062
  14. Don't you have any friends outside of TN? In that case maybe you can send have it shipped there and your friend ship it to you? Cause when my friend visit her mother in the States I always buy tons on stuff and send it to her (cause the shipping is free in the States, non-LV stuff) and she brings the stuff to me when she's home.
  15. Im in nashville too! I hate our tax as well. Whenever I try to buy stuff online, I usually have to pay tax anyway because it seems like everyone has a warehouse in east TN. (Things do ship fast though) I would just recommend going to Green Hills. Jennifer there is amazing. And for such a small store they usually have what I need in stock!