A little confused

  1. I fell in love with the red Madison bag when I saw it on the billboard---does anyone know which one I mean? (it might have been Neiman's and it had a pic of a girl's leg with Chanel shoes dangling the bag---sorry, I can't find the pic to post) Ok, so b/f came home with it yesterday----so I thought. But mine is called Sac Class Rabat---red, with the same metal chain around the flap in what looks like the same leather---lambskin. But the buckle is different---mine is magnetic and the picture has the classic CC twist and turn lock. Also, the red looks "deeper" in the picture.

    Are there 2 bags around that look so much alike---did I get the wrong one? Please help!
  2. The tags never reveal the true names of the bags, but rather just the style. You'll have to just remember that you bought the "Madison".

    Sorry, I can't tell you whether there is more than one red Madison bag. I've only ever seen the patent leather ones in person.

  3. chaneltrunkshowad.jpg
  4. oh wow, indeed, great eye! i would speak to the SA and see if she could get you the bag you really want! I would probably show her pics so she has a better idea.
  5. My dad just bought me that bag !!!!! :nuts: The red Madison in the picture, I mean. :love:
  6. This in the pics should be the smaller size -the one with the magnetic lock is the bigger almost jumbo size,I've got it in white lambskin and I'm in love with it!I don't know if the red varies from one size to the other though!BTW I guess "sac rabat" should translate "flap bag".Mine measures 30cm long /18cm high(approx12"to 7.5").I hope I was of some help!:smile:
  7. Congrats!I just love this bag!:yes: