A little confused... speedy azure...

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  1. hi everyone, im confused!:confused1: on the speedy azure where the leather tag is with Louis Vuitton etc on the outside of the bag at the end of the zip.
    on the underneath side of it.... (sorry)
    Is it just creamy colour of the back of the cream leather or is it dyed a different colour?:confused1: I have seen them with a purplish colour on the underside of the leather?

    thanks for your help!?:shame:
  2. I am confused..
  3. the tag that i am on about is the leather triangular shaped tag with Louis Vuitton on at the side of the bag by the zip, is the colour of the underside of that bag cream of coloured differentley?
  4. If I read correctly: You are referring to what is called the leaf, where the trademark heat stamp [Louis Vuitton Paris made in _______] is located. You are asking if the bottom of the leaf is colored differently?
  5. This is how it usually looks:

  6. yeh thats the one! xx is it a differnet colour? i saw one on eBay and it was a purple colour?
  7. thanku!!! xx
  8. the one u saw on eBay it fakity fake. it should look the same as the one above
  9. You're welcome. ;)

    Do you have the link? It sounds fake to me.