A little confused - called LV boutique about Epi Tote...

  1. The SA I spoke with said it was coming out October 15th, and she called it the "Epi Cabas", which I guess means it's a flatter tote? Like the Cabas Mezzo or Cabas Piano?

    Anyway, she said the GM will be available in black and ivory, and the PM also in rouge....no news about the purple, which I would LOVE to see.
  2. Hmm... I really want to see these EPI totes yesterday!
  3. I cant wait for an epi tote to come out. I love EPI leather.
  4. really can't wait to get the new one in ivoire... been longing for a nice ivoire piece:drool:
  5. thanks for that update !!!!!
  6. I don't have anything in epi.... maybe this is just what I need!
  7. I agree with Danielle~Dell...I don't have LV in the Epi line, the tote looks really beautiful...prices aren't that bad either.Hhmmm....
  8. I saw the new Epi totes today in both ivory and black in PM and GM sizes. Very nice! The ivory looks especially stunning in this new style. I tried on the GM --- good size and ample room for your daily essentials!
  9. ^^How does it look? Does it look like the Cabas Piano, Mezzo, Neverfull?
  10. The Epi Madeline GM is similar to the Cabas Mezzo --- it has a zippered top and a fuller bottom. The straps on the GM are long enough that I was able to put it on my shoulder.
    It also had an uncovered pocket on the outside. I was a bit disappointed with the hardware --- really plain-looking to me, but it still didn't detract from the overall elegant look to it.

    The PM size looks somewhat similar to the Vernis Rosewood in that it has a fuller bottom and zippered top.
  11. pm looks like rosewood
    gm looks like a wider popincourt haut i think
  12. Yes, I think your GM description is better!:smile:
  13. good description!
    the bags are called madeleine.
  14. Thanks PurseNut,meeeks and JJ.
  15. ooooh, this might be my next bag! Can't wait to see IRL pics. Does the PM go over the shoulder too?