a little coach rant...


May 20, 2009
A Sunny Place
On the last day of PCE, I decided to place an order which included some key fobs I was thinking about giving to my friends and cousins, etc etc..

Anyway, one of those key fobs was the elephant charm.

Upon arrival, I checked the box and noticed the elephant missing. I called Coach and the lady was telling me how she didn't even see that key fob in the order.

I said, I bought it online, it shows on my confirmation email AND its on the packing slip... She kept saying that I didn't order it, or that it didn't go thru when I placed the order... I swear she was making me feel like a crazy.

Once I told her that I wanted to speak with the manager, she told me "hold" so she could check somewhere else. She than told me that the elephant was on back order and that I would receive it when it was in stock.

Today, I receive an email from Coach saying that canceled the elephant order because it was no longer available... :wondering

Not convinced, I went on the Coach website and the elephant key fob is still showing up on their website for purchase (doesn't say sold out, back order, nothing).

So once again I called Coach and asked if the elephant key fob was in stock. This time I was told that there were none in stock there and to check a store near me... So then, I explained to her that what happened regarding the order, the email, etc and she said that there was nothing she could really do if the order was "canceled".

I'm sorry but I'm really pissed and confused. I know its a silly key fob but if I had known that the damn thing would be sold out from the beginning I would of ordered something else with my PCE, or went to the store directly. :rant:
Jan 2, 2008
Holy, thats a bunch of %^&$!! I'd call back and ask to speak to the manager to see if they can overnight you one of the elephant keyfobs from one of the full-priced stores, but then I'm sure you'd have to fork out $ again for the same fob considering they cancelled the order on you. That is frustrating when it shows that it is available online, but really "not available", WTF! Sorry this happened to you!


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Jan 29, 2009
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I can definitely understand your frustration. Had they said something sooner you could have tried going to your boutique instead to see if they could locate it at another store. I would totally go to your local store and explain the situation and see if they can help you find one.

I never order stuff online for this reason. The website is often inaccurate. They say stuff is in stock when it really isn't, etc. Plus I don't like paying shipping when you can go to the boutique and they waive the shipping for you.


Jun 9, 2010
I had a similar situation with a bag...I won't say which one.
I called Coach to order it, but they said it was not in stock. Still showing as available on the website.
So, being the determined person I am, I get online and order it through the website. I figure I can raise a fuss then about it if I do not get it.
Well, of course, I got an email saying it was backordered. I had paid $28 shipping to get it here ASAP, and they were only sending me a mini skinny instead of the bag. $28 shipping on a mini skinny? Are you serious?
So, I emailed them...and politely asked if they could either locate the item at a store or discount my shipping. And they located one at the store. It got here quicker than the mini skinny did, and my shipping was refunded.

So, in other words...I am shocked that they could not do more for you. Especially when it says that it is available on the website.
I would call back and politely try to speak to an overhead...and try to get it worked out.

A fob may be a fob...but you really really wanted it, and therefore, in my book...it's important.
Good luck, dear. :biggrin:


Oct 27, 2010
Pasadena, CA
What an inconvenience! I wanted the elephant too but decided to go to the store and purchase it there. I think it's very in demand now! If you can, buy it in the store. I am sure the SA will hold it for you. Good luck!


Nov 9, 2009
UGH!!! That IS frustrating. My ENTIRE pce order didn't get processed on line on the last day.... I like to convenience of shopping in my jammies at home, but when you run into THESE kinds of problems.....it's REALLY frustrating!!!!!!!!!


Jun 18, 2010
That's super frustrating. I hope they find some way to make it up to you. After all, they have been having a lot of quality and service issues lately :sad:


Apr 7, 2007
So sorry this happened to you. Hopefully, you can speak with a manager and get something else with the 25% discount.


Apr 19, 2010
It makes no difference whether it was a fob or a thousand dollar bag.

Coach is supposedly in the business of selling merchandise. We PAY for that merchandise. We shouldn't have to beg for the opportunity to buy these meaningless items that make us so happy (even if only for a short while).

This is sort of like how I felt today calling Macy's after Macy's, repeatedly hearing the words, "How can I provide you with excellent customer service?" None of them did. None of them were even sorta nice, to be honest.

It's very bad business and I suspect that if you are staring at an SA in person, you'll get a different result. Go get 'em, girl.