A little Coach confession....

  1. Omg....I feel like a crazy person! I am so worried about missing out on the Pink Heritage Tote!

    It's just a bag!!! Why am I obsessing over it? I feel so bad, because it comes out after Christmas sometime, which is not the best financial time for us, but I'm so worried about it selling out. I feel sooo selfish! And my poor hubby, he said, "if we get money for Christmas, we will hurry up and order it." he is so sweet, but I can't do that to my hubby, he has a concert he wants to go to this spring too, and I want him to be able to go.

    I LOVE bags, especially Coach as much as all of you, but I've never obsessed over a bag like this before:sad: Usually I can just say, "maybe later." Jeez, what's going on with me anyway?

    Sorry for the rant everyone....I just needed to get it off of my chest. :heart: Thanks for listening/reading everyone!
  2. ^^It's beautiful :girlsigh:. I completely understand your obessing about it! Maybe it will work out!!
  3. Do you think maybe you could sell or return something your not quite as in love with and then get it? Or vise versa?
  4. I hope so....thanks for your response. Maybe when I sell some bags I will feel better about it. Actually my sister is interested in some of them, ( I gave her my medium choc. sig carly, and now she's been bitten by the coach bug!) so it may, but I just want my DH to be able to get what he wants too.
  5. yeah, I actually have two bags that I never use, that I will probably sell.
  6. What would be really cool is if you were able to sell enough to get your bag and surprise your hubby with his concert tickets since he is such a sweetheart:heart:
  7. I think that is a really nice bag. I think some of the sig can look dingy and dirty after awhile, but this one won't! I really like it...in this color and the green!:yes: You will get it somehow!
  8. You know, I am the same way about some bags. I looked at the Lily in the store and then obsessed about it day and night (yes, I had dreams of that bag) until I bought one. The same obsession with getting a bag with Tattersall lining and I didn't care which.

    I think someone already posted that they ordered one, so are they available before Christmas?
  9. OMG! That's an amazing idea!
  10. Yes! Call JAX and see if you can pre-order using that new 25% off customer appreciation coupon. If so, I would sub this for something you arent as crazy about on your christmas list & that way you will end up even. Then you can still sell off some bags and buy your hubby those concert tickets! Hope that works!
  11. That's a great idea, but I didn't get a coupon...:sad: Someone told me that while they have the promotion, you can just ask for the discount, but that was if you go to a boutique I think, and there are none around here. Can you do that over the phone? Thanks so much for the info!
  12. Yeah I actually told my hubby not to get me anything for Christmas because he's gotten me so many bags already. So maybe that will help too.
  13. i rarely obssess over material things... but if i gotta have something, i gotta have it!

    nothing wrong with that ;)
  14. I think I saw this bag in stores already...
    is this the one that is coated canvas
  15. Yup, but I'm waiting until it's on Coach.com. It's not there yet.