a little career advice please

  1. I have just returned home from a years travelling and have begun looking for a job in my specific field. I havent worked in this area since I left to travel nearly 18months ago now and tbh never really loved it all that much.
    Being back home is great to see my family and all but have the desire to hit the road again. My sister is keen to come with me so wouldnt be so bad.Getting to the point I have applied for plenty of jobs and been for several interviews lately but dont know that my heart is in it.Without being overly confident I can say am pretty sure I will be offered one soon.I am afraid that when I do return for good that I will have difficulty in finding a job in my qualified area.

    Should I let the companies I have been for interview know that I plan to travel and pull out or is it really time for me to get career/life serious. I am 25 and single.
    Know there are bigger problems but wouldnt mind some input.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. Well, for me, I am a pretty optimistic person, so I would say that all things come in due time. Really, if your heart is not in it, then I'd say that you should travel. Really, I don't think it would be too late at 26, and once you start working, you will probably work for a very very very logn time. Enjoy the freedom of not doing anything while you can~, but then again that is just my opinion.
  3. Follow your heart, it's the heart that always regrets never the head.
  4. my 2 cents: combine the 2 things that you love. Why not get a job that allows you to travel or requires travel? Not sure what you specific field is, but it sounds like you would like something like flight attendent, work on a cruise ship, peace corps, merchant marine... you get the idea. Just a thought! Good luck!
  5. Cheers guys ,
    You know when I reread the thread I think the answer is obvious.Will follow my heart as soon as I have saved a few $$
    This site is going to be great help to my savings plan:amuse:
    Should be fun...