A little BV reveal

  1. Hi all, just wanted to share a recent acquisition from my travels.

    In true TPF tradition, just a little teaser for now. :smile:
  2. Tease :smile:
  3. :popcorn:
  4. :useless::?:
    oh this is so not fair LOL :smile:
  5. Sorry, everyone! Am still a bit jet-lagged and a nap turned into a slumber. Here is part 2:
  6. can't wait to see what's inside the box. glad you got some rest-
  7. :popcorn:
  8. Hmmm... did OP nod off again?...
  9. Parts 3,4, and 5 (before I doze off again!).
    image-25501028.jpg image-3102431522.jpg image-2397217407.jpg
  10. Zip-around intreciatto wallet in blood. It's gorgeous, true red.

    Here are some in indoor lighting (others were taken in sunlight).
    image-2388503388.jpg image-2981167152.jpg image-870265068.jpg
  11. Oh my, that is a beautiful wallet!! Congratulations!!
  12. enjoy...
  13. Thank you!
  14. OMG... RED wallet!!! My favourite... Congrats!
  15. What a beauty...congratulations