A little bummed - eBay polish purchase - Long


Melissa :)
Mar 9, 2007
Hi ladies,

I am coming here b/c I feel like its a small enough community here in Nail Care/Chanel on your nails that I can just really get some support and love from you guys.

So, here's the story: I found Mistral on eBay last week and was so excited. The auction listed the bottle as 75% full, and I had seen the color on here and fell in love, so I went ahead and purchased it.

Fast forward a week, the bottle of polish arrives today - it would look as though she packaged it OK, but I don't think the bottle was closed all the way, and about 10-15% of the polish leaked out. It was on the beautiful top square cap and on the cap that is attached to the applicator inside all the tiny little vertical grooves. I am the ever-positive thinker, so I was thinking nail polish remover or goo gone would take the polish and badly smudged (I guess) square cap.

I got a good bit of all the polish off, but the cap just looks sad. My love for Chanel polish is a newer love affair, and I had 4 Chanel polishes before this purchase.

In my mind, I worked out that some people just don't care for their polishes like we do, and don't get into/as excited as us when it comes to HTF colors/and don't store them/care for them as we do.

I have an email out to a few of my department store SA's to see if I can find a spare square cap, which would make the bottle appear ALOT better and wouldn't give me such a bummer feeling when I see the bottle.

The upside of it, and I guess the most important part is I do now have a polish color that I love, and that's the most important part.

I will post some pics shortly for you gals to see. This was my first eBay Chanel polish purchase, so I will be super careful going forward, or maybe just do my polish purchasing through department stores.

I left the seller positive feedback, giving her the benefit of the doubt -- she did pack it nicely/safely, but I guess not enough, and maybe to her, this was just "another nail polish", and not one that she took good care of. I just take really good care of my things, but I know others are not the same. I can be in a place of acceptance about that - but just wanted to share with my community of Chanel gals that could relate/understand.

Fingers crossed I can get a new square cap.

Thank you for reading girls.



Melissa :)
Mar 9, 2007





Melissa :)
Mar 9, 2007
Ughh, now that I see the pictures uploaded, it just makes me bummed. I am sticking it back in the Chanel box for now. I wonder if I made the cap worse by trying to clean it and make it pretty again with the nail polish remover and goo gone. :sad:

I know its "only nail polish", but when you enjoy and treasure this stuff like we do, things like a cap messed up or a bottle only 1/2 full are a bummer. Now, I am wishing maybe I didn't give her the positive feedback and should have contacted her with what happened, or given a "neutral".

Thank you ladies.

These pictures are after my efforts of cleaning. I think I am going to chunk the square cap..there is just no saving it now.

Now, to find something to do to lift my spirits..I can't stay in this negative frame of mind. Life's too short.


Mar 24, 2009
Such a shame. I feel your pain girl, I just swapped on MUA for Clarins 230, He's Going In Circles, Kaleidocope Him Out, QT and TMI. The TMI lid came loose, and about 1/2 of the nail polish has been lost. I'm not going to worry about mine, but you should do something about yours, that's an expenxive nail polish. Whatever happens, good luck!:hugs:


It's Zoya's fault
Jul 29, 2008
Wow..I am so sorry this happened! I totally understand why you're upset. I happen to have a square top that I am not attached to at all from my only Chanel polish. I would happily send it to you to replace yours. Please consider it. I don't mind one bit!


Jul 12, 2007
Oh hun I would be upset too! Thats a sad looking bottle of Mistral! But you do have half a bottle of a polish you love.. So if you get some beautiful manis out of it, then it doesnt even matter that the square cap got ruined.

I would be more upset if it was listed as New, and it arrived like that.


Oct 29, 2007
I'd be upset too! I'm sure an SA would be able to locate a square cap. What do they do to the square caps from the testers? I'm imagining a box of square caps somewhere that you can use to cover up the spill.


call me maybe
Jul 3, 2009
Um, she might not be an avid nail collector, but it is her responsibility to ship things and have them arrive in the condition she packed them. I wish you didn't leave positive feedback yet, because I would have at least tried to get a bit of a discount out of that since you absolutely did not get what you paid for.


Apr 23, 2010
i agree with TGP, maybe she didnt mean to, but you paid good money for it, and its the sellers responsibility to make sure you get the polish in a good condition! i hope you are able to enjoy what is left in the bottle.


Melissa :)
Mar 9, 2007
Girls, thank you so much for your sympathy and understanding.

Marchtiger - your offer made me smile with such gratitude and heartfelt thanks. It almost brought tears to my eyes. I sent you a PM. :hugs:

awhitney - yes, kind of sad. She listed it as "used", but didn't have pictures of the bottle in close detail like I took - it was a picture of the boxed item, and then of the polish.

Mandabear - thank you for the positive vibes, I bet there is a box or drawer that has some spare ones in it. :smile: I had to have one replaced in the past and was able to have an SA locate one.

thegoreprincess - you are right, I wish I would have left more "real" feedback. She could have been more careful to make sure the bottle was closed really tight. I had thoughts of sending her a message just to put the info out there to her, but just have a feeling that she will take the fact that I already left her positive feedback and move on. I did leave a lesser star rating on the section where it asks if the item arrived as described/with an accurate description.