A little boring, but I purchased the Mini Bowling in black!


Nov 1, 2005
Hi everyone!

I don't normally post in the Balenciaga subforum, but wanted to share that I purchased the Mini Bowling a few days ago. In black - a little safe and boring, but I'm safe and boring too...hehe.

I haven't been too excited about it since I have been dealing with a Marc Jacobs eBay situation (there is a long post in there about my purchasing what turned out to be a REALLY good fake), but it's finally starting to hit me that I have a new baby! :wlae:

I will post pictures later tonight, but this bag is my second Balenciaga! I've been using it for the last few days, and it's just the perfect size for me! The leather is really great for a 2006 bag - not to veiny and super soft to the touch.

Do many of you have mini bowling bags? I know that City bags tend to be very popular here. What are your thoughts about the bag in general?


Jan 11, 2006
:yahoo: CONGRATS!!!!!!!:yahoo: I love the Bowling style. I had the large bowling in rouge vif but I sold it! I felt the color was too bright for me personally on a big bag even though it was gorgeous! I am hoping to get another Bowling in the near future. If I didn't have a black work I would get a black bowling in a heart beat!

I think there are a lot of people here who own the bowling style and love it. I don't think any style will EVER be as popular as the city, work, twiggy, etc styles but there's no reason not to buy other styles.