A little blue today....

  1. .....might have to go buy myself a completely impractical pair of wildly expensive 4" heels that I might wear once in my life if I'm lucky.......:wtf:

    What do you guys do when your blue...

    (has anyone noticed that I've been rhyming lately? What's up with that!?!?!?!!:shocked: )
  2. Kou....we know what you do...it's Fondu!

    (see what I mean???????)
  3. what's wrong, shopmom???:sad:
  4. Don't feel blue, we love you! (ok, I am a terrible poet!) THings I do to pick me up when I am blue or blah:

    1. Play with my son
    2. Play with my hubby:graucho:
    3. Buy a pair of fabulous shoes
    4. Go for a massage
    5. Go shopping some more
    6. Blog on the PF!!!

    and if all else fails
    7. Have a martini or glass of wine:P

  5. one word....TEEN-AGERS!!!!!! UGH!!!!! :yucky: :yucky: :yucky:

    ......i need a new bag....forget about the shoes.......
  6. Oh no, shopmom....
  7. Go to luxury's website, they always have something fabulous that is surely going to make you smile!!!
  8. ......calling Dr. Kellybag.......calling Dr. Kellybag......:sos:
  9. OMG, I have that condition, too!!!! A new bag will definitely drive away the blues.
  10. This is what I do when I'm feeling blue:

    - Play with my puppy (so cute)
    - Watch a movie by myself (no sad movies though)
    - Eat fondue!!!
    - Eat something really good, splurge on food and save the rest for the next Hermes
    - Go online and watch ... interesting videos
    - Watch TV!!
    - Get dressed up and all done up, pick out my favorite (and most expensive) bag, and then strut out to SCP to "show off" and not buy anything:lol:
    - Call up one of my friends and rant his/her ears off
  11. Now I wanna rigide fuchsia Kelly 28cm ... but it's gotta come to the store where I have my store credit ... At the rate of price increase of $500 to $700 per year, in 10 years my store credit would be worth nothing:rant:
  12. Someone should have warned us all about the dangers of teenagers. I'm not a poet either. Seriously though, don't be blue. You have friends here. When I'm a little down I spend time with my pets. They always put a smile on my face. Here's the gang .....

  13. -running around my house with a tiara on my head and star to cook something for me
    -champagne and in case that does not help at all .......more champagne
    -diamonds alwyas help
    -calling friends on the phone and chat hours with them
    -pack my suitcases and check into a spa for the weekend
  14. luxwear has a birkin sale!

    shopmom: you are not alone!!! In the past couple of years DS has often made my life unbearable. H is really good therapy...
  15. I loooove birdies! Your birds are so adorable! When I was a kid I used to try to catch them - was only successful once. And I know I've said this before but I love your Poms, they're my favorite type of dogs! I have a Pom too, but he's a cream-colored fox-face PomPom.