A little bit of retail therapy!

Jun 5, 2007
Day trip to London yesterday. First since lockdown. Was a bit weird as pretty quiet for London! We walked along the Embankment from the London eye, to the Tate Modern. And it was very pleasant. No fighting with crowds of people. We went into the TM and had a browse for a couple of hours. Again, quiet. Could look at the art without feeling pressure to move on. Then we had a walk over the Millenium Bridge. Hardly any people.
and then went to Bond Street for a little shopping. Also pretty quiet. Didn’t get there till nearly 5, but still, it would usually be pretty busy. Tubes weren’t crowded and neither was the train. All in all it was a lovely day!
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Dec 17, 2013
What lovely photos and that mini cuir is just so beautiful. Very sweet strap as well. I have the same strap in two different colorways and I think you will enjoy using it. It is well made and yet so comfy on the shoulder. Enjoy them in good health.
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