A little bit of reassurance, please!!!

  1. I am allowing my son who is 10 years old to fly and visit my parents this weekend to attend a grandparents camp!! This is something that I never imagined I would allow hime to do (the flying alone), as I used to be terrified of flying...and am still quite afraid!
    He really wanted to go though, and I didn't want to let my fear stand in the way of him getting to enjoy some quality time with my parents!
    Anyone else's children flown by themselves????
  2. I flew by myself all the time when I was that age. The flight attendants pay extra attention to you. Everything will be fine!!
  3. I flew by myself at that age, and it was fine. All of the children who were flying by themselves were seated in the same section and we were checked up on often by the flight staff.

    There was a small mishap when we landed in Las Vegas (my destination) but it doesn't have anything to do with flying alone. We couldn't go in the gate that we were scheduled to go to, so we had to go to another on the other side of the airport. Nobody told the people waiting, so all the kids had to go into this room (that had a ton of other kids in it!!!) and wait for our parents to come get us. ...But, this was well over 10 years ago :biggrin:

    I've had pretty good experiences all the times I've flown alone :smile:
  4. I am not worried about the actual being picked up, behavior in the plane, etc...he is by far big enough to do that, I think!!! I am more worried if there is a problem on the plane (like a crash!!)...I could not bear it to think that I wouldn't be with him if something were to happen!!! I don't mean to be morbid....because I am sure it will all go well...but that is my biggest fear!!!

    ^^^Thanks to Sanguar and Lamiastella....I know this is done all of the time...it is just a first for me! I am sure after it goes well...the next time will not be so nerve wracking!
  5. I think it's all of our biggest fears, Anne! :smile:

    If this helps: children flying alone will be accompanied by a member of the flight staff until they meet the people they are going to pick them up. When I flew, we all got a little card that was filled out by our parents that we had to wear around our necks (like those neck wallet things). The people who picked us up had to show identification before we were released to them. I'm sure the policies are similar now.

    I don't want to say "Don't worry about the plane crashing" because I know you will anyway ;) Just know that your son is more likely to be injured in an automobile accident than a plane crash!

  6. Great Mel! Now she won't let him ride in cars either:roflmfao:
  7. That's it!!! The child is staying at home from now on!!! All steps I've made towards his independance will immediately come to a halt!!!!!
    Joking....I know that is right (about the car)...it is wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time for one's child to grow up!
  8. ^^Oh, you're back in Dallas. Thank goodness! I was thinking 'she's letting him alone on an international flight?' How old are you before being allowed to fly alone internationally? I assume older than 10.
  9. My best friend has sat with quite a few children flying alone on flights. She always brings cards and things to do on the plane and has really helped some of these children flying alone--some were teenagers too. It's funny because the flight attendents have changed her seat a few times to put her next to these kids, she is a wonderful person. Then on a few occassions when she was getting her luggage the kids have brought their parents, ect....to meet her and they all thanked her.
    There still are many good people in the world who will watch out for those who need some help.