A little bit of pain for beauty...

  1. I just got my first Aqua City and because it is not broken in I am having trouble wearing it over the shoulder (or maybe its because my arms are too big :yes:). Anyhow, I see pictures of girls wearing it on their forearms and let the bag hang that way. It looks lovely on them but when I do it the straps leave my arms red and flushed. Am I carrying too much on my bag? Or does this happen to evreyone? DO you change positions every now and then? What do you do?
  2. I think most girls here stretch them out on their shoulder, just like you are doing. The leather eventually relaxes and stretches so it's worth it! :tup:
  3. I think it's a good idea to speed up the break-in process so the bag is more comfortable for you. It also makes to bag relax faster. Honestly, the bag will start to slouch pretty quickly after you start using it. But I sped up the process by carrying a few heavy books in one of my bags and hanging it by the handle straps on a door knob...does wonders! Good luck and congrats!
  4. Why aren't you using the shoulder strap?
  5. I wasn't comfortable wearing the handle over the shoulder, too tight...
  6. hi i experience the redness on my forearm too like you! but 07 leather should break in pretty quickly! my vermillion broke in about a week or so! well if you're really desperate, i think you could hang the aqua city (with some contents inside) by it's handles at home, i'm sure that will speed up the breaking in process too! good luck!
  7. I think bal newbie has got the right idea, I also do this when I need to break in new bags! Just putting heavy things inside the bag and hanging on a doorknob overnight will work wonders! I'm not a slim girl and I can easily wear my city on my shoulder. I also wear it in the crook of my arm and sometimes do get the red marks as well. It happened more in the beginning when the handles weren't as broken in as now.
  8. I get the redness on my arm too, particularly if the bag is heavy. Try to switch arms and spend some time using the shoulder strap... As the handles break in and the leather becomes softer it will be less of a problem. :yes:
  9. Thanks everyone. I should try to break it in. Hopefully by then i can fit the handles on my shoulder. And I do use the shoulder strap(sometimes) but I prefer the handles :p