A little bit of new season

  1. I have two things ones not come yet but can do the first one i guess whos around?
  2. I'm on my lunch break, fire away!
  3. me!
  4. Something pink?
  5. I bet it's pink too! :graucho:
  6. Well if photo bucket doesnt hurry up you might have to wait till im back from my massage or i could be late hehe
  7. Eeep. My first 'live reveal' experience - very exciting. If it's plaster pink I might die!
  8. I'm here, for ten more minutes. I think it's the one I'm saving for. Please show
  9. Im going to have to show you when i get back i have 5 mins to get to my appt sorry guys didnt think photo bucket would take this long :sad:
  10. Look forward to seeing later! I guess grey bays x
  11. Ill leave you to guess what this is

  12. I think bays- please don't let it be fudge heritage!!
  13. Leave us in suspense! Aghr!

    Another SBS or Alexa probably?
  14. Yes, looks like a Bays to me too!
  15. fuchsia bays i think!!