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  1. so i've been doint some trading on bonanzle. I have a FIG studded MAM- and LOVE IT!!! (already revealed it last month)
    so i traded my steel nikki for a black cat boho MAC
    and i traded my almond MAB for a studded almond devote
    Mabs are just to luggage like for me! MAM is perfect!
    And i also got a patent red nikki...
    here are my pics!

    Patent Red Nikki w/ siggy gold hw.
    absolutely GORGEOUS bag!!!



  2. i have a question about this MAC- it arrived and i noticed 2 studs are missing on one side and 1 stud missing on the other side. can i just send it into RM to get fixed? is it free or is there a fee?
    anyways- i LOVE it!! i'll have another 4 peice reveal next week too!
    the black cat leather is sooo soft and smooth!!!


    it fits EVERYTHING i need!

    is the missing stud noticeable? i just got it and don't want to part with it yet!

  3. The red nikki is a HOT bag! Congrats!

    ETA: I don't see the missing stud on the clutch...
  4. and here is my almond studded devote! LOVE IT!!
    my 8 yr old ooohed and ahhhed when she saw it!
  5. OH I see it now... email Nicole (nicole@rebeccaminkoff.com) and I'm sure you could have it repaired (free)- she is pretty good at responding within a reasonable time frame, and she will probably even send you a pre-paid UPS label to send it in for repair (I just sent in a MAM that had a stud missing the other day).
  6. thanks so much for the info!
    i'll contact her now and send it in when i get my other 3 macs! LOL!
  7. Love the stud devote in almond, great color!
  8. Oh and I don't know if it makes a difference, but I wouldn't mention where you got it from... I purchased my MAM off ebay but I didn't mention that when I sent her an email to request repair.. because I think you are required to pay for repair if the bag isn't from a regular retailer.
  9. good to know. thanks again! definately won't tell them i traded for it on bonanzle! LOL!
  10. Love your new goodies!
  11. Love that GORGEOUS patent red Nikki & don't you just love the studded devote? The studs that is missing, looks like one one is missing? It is so small it is not noticeable IMO when you carry it.
  12. Love, love, love your collection!
  13. thanks besabonita and tonij!!!
  14. thanks!! i sooo love all of it!!!
    there's so many RM's to choose from it's killing my wallet!!!
  15. Lovely collection thus far! :smile: The missing stud isn't noticeable at all, btw. I had to look really hard :smile: